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In Puerto Rico on our honeymoon

Thanks for visiting www.lifetransplanet.com!  We hope this page helps you get to know us a little better. Of course, the best way to do that would be to actually get to KNOW us, but this should help in the interim. If you do want to reach out to us, please email us at: lifetransplanet@gmail.com . We would love to hear from you!

We are Britton and Cassie and we were both born in Greeley, Colorado. Yes, we are the fabled Colorado Natives :-)

Just like the bumper sticker!

In September of 2013 we made the big jump to Puerto Rico. The blog prior to that point was about our life in Colorado and all the steps and processes it took to save up enough money to retire in our 30s and move to this beautiful tropical island.

Here’s a brief history of our life:

Growing up, both Britton and Cassie were born and raised in the same county of Colorado. Cassie grew up in Greeley and moved to the happening (yes, that’s a joke!) northern Weld County town of Nunn (remaining steady or decreasing yearly from 400 or so folks despite the high hopes of the “Watch Nunn Grow” tower) for about 11 years before moving back to Greeley and marrying Britton.

The Nunn Water Tower -Watch Nunn Grow!

Britton grew up in Greeley and never lived anywhere else, or really even traveled much. In fact, he had never flown in a jumbo jet until he met Cassie (but he does have a small-plane private pilot’s license, ironic huh!).

Cassie loves languages and learning about and understanding different cultures and lands. She picked up Spanish pretty easily in school and then while she stayed for a summer college semester in Queretaro, Mexico, her Spanish improved and her spirit of adventure was turned on even more. She knew from her brief forays out of the comfort of the life she had in Colorado that new and exciting worlds were just waiting for her.  Britton on the other hand, never really thought too much about leaving or traveling…that is until he met Cassie and she infected him with her adventurous spirit. Now, he too agrees that there is too much world out there to not try and venture out, at least a little!

Wedding day

We have been married since August 2005, and ever since our honeymoon in Puerto Rico we have made it our goal to one day move there. We’ve worked all these years (Britton in the tech/computer field and Cassie in health promotion), saving and planning in order to make that dream a reality -and it is coming true! We have bought our own little piece of paradise in the western beach town “corner” of Puerto Rico – Rincon. We are getting so close we can taste is and are so excited! (You can read about and see our property here: Our Place in Rincon, PR)

This weblog chronicles our daily lives in Colorado and the steps and processes it has taken to get to Puerto Rico, and finally, the adventures on La Isla del Encanto (the Isle of Enchantment) -and beyond to a LifeTransplanet!- as well. We hope you enjoy reading along as much as we enjoy living it and sharing it! And please drop us a comment or question. It really does help to encourage us to continue writing. Thanks and we wish you all well on the authorship of your own big adventures and life journey!

At the fort in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Feet in Hammock in Puerto Rico Tropics 2 people in hammock
Literally “hanging” out in the hammock in Utuado, PR

Britton at Mount Britton in El Yunque Rainforest, Puerto Rico

Cassie by the Beach in Rincon, PR

At a secluded beach in Puerto Rico

Vieques Lighthouse

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10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Melissa

    I was wondering, since you seem to love the island of PR.. Where should my husband and I visit while we vacation in PR? I heard of some cools spots… like the lake that lights up…but I just dont know where to start and finish? Any recc. of places you FELL iin love with or have learned about that only a native islander woudl know of?


  2. Britton

    We have been there numerous times for numerous lengths of time and depending on how long you’ll be there will make a difference in what you have time to see/do. I would say that if you’re flying into San Juan, visit ‘Old San Juan’. That is where the old forts are, the Bacardi factory and various resturants, bars and clubs. Most people who visit Puerto Rico have seen this area as it is where most of the cruise ships stop. You can keep busy for a good day or two.

    The rest of the island is pretty varied and is worth seeing. We always jump in a rental car and drive ourselves around staying at small hotels/guesthouses along the way. It makes for a fun adventure. There are tourist maps available at most of the hotels that have places to stay and things to see, I’d recommend picking one up and visiting some of the main tourist areas. There is a cool mountain retreat / resort place called Casa Grande just outside of Utuado that we stayed at (http://www.hotelcasagrande.com/). From there we were able to visit the Camuy caves, the Aricebo Observatory, Lago Dos Bocas as Casa Grande is a good mid way across the island and makes a good “base” to start your day from.. We would do day trips then go back to Casa Grande at night.

    Rincon is a tourist destination as well and that is where you will find some of the best beaches that PR has to offer. There are resturants and great places to stay. It is a surf mecca. Neither of us surf yet and we both enjoyed Rincon on our vacations and is why we eventually ended up buying a place there. Internet is available at most stops and there are coffee shops and bakerys along the 413. If you can eat breakfast at the english rose, definately do. It has a good reputation and does get fairly busy. Show up early.

    There are a few bays that light up (bioluminescent bays). We haven’t actually visited one yet. When we were there, it was a full moon which apparently makes the effect not as outstanding so we decided not to go. We should have done it anyway in hindsight. That was in La Parguera. There are also bays in Fajardo and Vieques. This is still something we want to do and people have gone say its wonderful.

    On the south side there is the city of Ponce and on the eastern side of the island there is El Yunque National Forest which is awesomely green and there are a few guesthouses/hotels to stay at along the way. We have mostly visited the West side, but when we made a full trip around the island on a 2 week vaction we tried to do it all. We did pretty good except the bio bay!

  3. Tracy

    I am very happy that you are making this move….since I will be moving on the 1st of June 2013 along with my daughter. I have always loved Puerto Rico and everything about the Latin American culture. I know it will be a little getting adjusted since my move is with a minor, but still I am very excited.

    I hope that everything goes according to plan and I wish you all the best. The website was very helpful and inspirational.

    Your fellow Resident….lol

  4. Mike

    I am very inspired by your move out of your comfort zone in Weld County. What a beutiful home and view! God bless you both on your awesome journey! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Wendi

    Hi Cassie and Britton! My husband and I are also moving to PR soon!!!! We have been several times and fell in love with the Luquillo/Fajardo area. We’ll be making the move from New Orleans and have a goal of June 2015 (so our daughter can graduate high school here). My husband is also a techie, and I work as a paralegal. We are looking to semi-retire (although we are both in our early 40s!) once we move there. I’d love to share tips on moving there, and any advice you have to get us prepared for the move as well.

    Look forward to hearing back from you!


  6. Ali

    Hi there!

    Do to some possible changes with my husbands’ employer, we have considered a move to PR. We own a house in Moca on a couple of acres of land (not far from Aguadilla or Rincon). Needless to say, I am nervous. I guess it’s mostly just about the “change”. However, I have spent a lot of time there, and do love the island.

    I came a cross your blog this morning (after a long discussion with my husband regarding a move last night). It is a breath of fresh air! It also helps give me a more positive perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I was already thinking about all the positive possibilities last night. I see this is a great opportunity to slow down life and enjoy the little things. Reboot our lives essentially. We have been married 24 years, have 2 children still at home, a dog, and my mom lives with us. We are only in our early 40′s, and I believe that nothing but positive things can come from this.

    So thank you for re-assuring me that all things are possible if you just put your mind to it. Well done and keep blogging your adventures!

  7. Derek Boulton

    Britton/Cassie, my wife and I (we’re both British) moved to Greeley 4 years ago and bought a small business (The Currier Inn, 1221 9th Avenue). We are both committed to, and very active in, the Greeley community. Reading your blog page it’s clear that you, too, are very interested in your city of birth. Anyway, do you do any speaking in public? I am the program chair for the Greeley Rotary Club and I believe it would be terrific for a cross-section of Greeley’s leaders to hear the perspective of some “thinking” members of Greeley’s younger community.

    In any event, Stephanie and I would be interested to meet you and listen to your attitude towards and your views of Greeley.

    Derek & Stephanie Boulton
    Owners – The Currier Inn Bed and Breakfast
    1221 9th Avenue
    Greeley, Colorado 80631
    970 392 1221

  8. Raymond

    That’s it, give us more, more of the story, please! How much would you need to save? the least at least and what’s a home cost over there, nothing fancy, just a clean place to sleep with good neighbors, job market for those of us who only have an Associates degree. I know the island is under economic turmoil but I believe it’s always the best time to invest. Once you hit rock bottom, there’s no where to go but up, right?


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