Our Place in Rincón, Puerto Rico

Our House in Rincón, Puerto Rico from the road

On May 23, 2011 we finally achieved our goal of purchasing a property in Rincón, Puerto Rico! It was an exciting day and a culmination of a lot of hard work and vision. But, just like many of our other goals, it is just the beginning. We have big plans for this property and our lives in Puerto Rico.

Our property is in Puntas near the Rio Grande area of Rincón, Puerto Rico. Rincón, just like other cities in Puerto Rico, is divided in barrios, or neighborhoods. You could think of Rincón proper (total population: estimated at ~15,000) as a county and these barrios as smaller cities within that larger area.

We live down an off-shoot from the 413- The Road to Happiness

The barrios of Rincón

We are very happy that we chose Rincón. It is a good transition for people from the mainland U.S. because it offers more of the comforts that we are used to. We traveled all of Puerto Rico -and nearly bought properties in Lares  and Isabela (click links to follow those stories)- but found that we were always drawn back to Rincón for the amenities. These include but are not limited to: Internet, good food, nice beaches, other mainlanders/expats who have made Rincón home, that it’s relatively uncrowded, the friendly locals, laid back surf vibe, beautiful sunsets, animal services and care, environmental awareness, strong entrepreneurial spirit/business opportunities…and many more. When we found this property that had land and we could actually afford it, it was like a dream come true.

At the Rincón Lighthouse

Our place has four jungle acres at the end of a road -a calle sin salida. Currently there are two structures on the property, a wooden house and a small studio cabana. It has a nice ocean view and some fruit trees. In the middle of the property is a gully or quebrada where water flows when it rains. In that tropical grove there are royal palms that have to be 50 feet tall!

Next to a HUGE royal palm tree on our property

Looking up towards the house from the lower 4 acres

A little closer

From the road looking toward the house you can see the cabana (in white) and the main house

From near the quebrada looking up toward the main house

Studio cabana

Cassie on top of the cabana

The drive in

The Ocean view and the four acres of land

From the upper bedroom looking down toward the deck that overlooks the ocean

Upstairs bedroom

Studio cabana bedroom area

Looking over at the house from another neighborhood

Here are a couple of videos we took of the houses and area. We plan on fixing them up and adding more cabanas and eventually make it a guesthouse property that we can rent out to people who visit or live in Rincón or Puerto Rico! We are very excited about this and have already started thinking about our first steps. Follow along on our adventure as we transition from Greeley, Colorado to Rincón, Puerto Rico!

-Cassie and Britton, LifeTransPlanet

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70 thoughts on “Our Place in Rincón, Puerto Rico

  1. Dan Wright

    Hello readers, I’m looking for a place to semi-retire. I do believe I want to be in the Caribbean. I am trying to figure out if or how Puerto Rico’s financial instability might possibly ruin the infrastructure of PR. I know that it could not ruin it’s natural beauty, which is a big part of the reason of my wanting to relocate there. Ultimately, I just want to say I appreciate this blog. I follow Expat Exchange but the Puerto Rico exchange has about nothing for the last couple of years. Thanks Dan

    1. Lawrence

      Dear Dan,

      Although there is much bad news in the press and, for sure, the government is in the stinker…there is much positive activity taking place in Puerto Rico. Now IS the time to come to Puerto Rico…more than ever. People are reinventing themselves and coming into their own…creating thriving small businesses, young people are getting into agriculture, people are taking more time to do things they enjoy, bicycles and skateboards have had a resurgence, local food trucks and street festivals are on an uptick and, honestly, people seem happy. At the same time, oceanfront properties are selling and MANY people are moving to Puerto Rico…from the States and other countries too. Here a good place for ya: http://puertoricosothebysrealty.com/eng/sales/detail/310-l-2519-523ckm/waterfront-villa-at-a-waldorf-astoria-resort-fajardo-pr-00738
      Come and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you won’t want to leave! All the best to you!

    2. Cassie

      Hi Dan,
      Puerto Rico is great for people who want to try and live with a little less of the “system.” I, for one, am happy trying to figure stuff out without always looking for some system way to solve it. It is much more community focused here and sharing is much more common. If you are looking for a “pampered” life, you can find it in PR, but you will be having a very strange existence in comparison with most Puerto Ricans. If you are willing to live a little simpler and can appreciate life without constant air conditioning, perfect roads, completely consistent water and electricity, and like a lot of randomness, you will do fine here. If those things will bug you and especially if you are super Type A, it might suit you better to look elsewhere where the system and infrastructure are stronger. I feel I found my home and my tribe in Puerto Rico. It is generally not pretentious and the things that really matter like friends, family, food, nature and life balance are more important than all the other fake stuff.

      1. Gatica

        I agree with you Cassie. There is a famous quote “The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least.” I have type A tendencies but PR has somewhat forced me to slow down and live in the present. I don’t have to always have to be on schedule and on top of things. I don’t have to micro manage. I don’t need all this “stuff”. Life on the island is simple In many ways. When power and water are cut off I just roll with it. It seems like all the lines for stores, banks, CRIM (ugh!) you name it always move slower than in the States but that’s okay too, I’ve had many pleasant and interesting conversations with the people waiting in line with me. I’m actually grateful for the relaxed pace because at the speed I’m accustomed to I see it shortening my life. We’re almost there. We’ve been going back and forth for ten years now. We have less than two years before we finally relocate. In the meantime, we enjoy yearly every single minute while vacationing there.

    3. Jeff yee


      Great blog you have going. My family and I are buying a home in Aguadilla. My oldest is in college in CA and our youngest will be coming with us who is 13. I appreciate all your information. I’m an electrician by trade in San Francisco, I’m hoping to semi retire and live a quite slow life. I know Aguadilla is close to Rincon any idea how easy it is to start a small business in PR ?

  2. Bryan

    We’ll guess what. Ha ha We made it! We didn’t sail the boat and are looking to have it either shipped or chartered Over. Staying in San Juan fora few months. We got lucky and were able to get a condo right on the beach at a moments notice. We are still planing on going to the west side, but we love it here in San Juan. A little overpriced but hey, it’s a tourist destination. We hung it all up. We RETIRED and all we’ve been doing are keeping our toes in the sand. People here are truly great and they have helped us out more than what we could’ve imagined due to the circumstances. But hey we’re here and that’s all that matters. For those that are planning on moving here but have second thoughts, just do it! That’s what we did. All we want to do is sit our butts on the beach and just relax! Don’t ever work till you die. You’ll miss to much. Enjoy yourselves nothing better than doing nothing! But always remember this. It’s not how you got there but whom you were able to share the journey with. Oh and on a last note. I did find Miller Lite. Lol

    1. Lester

      Just a thought…there are more places than the West.

      I´m from Humacao, and to me, living there was a bless. It is a nice enough city where it has evertyhing with the benefits of not being too metropolitan. Plus, the actual Metropolitan area was just an 1 hour plus drive taking the highway.

      …however, sadly, it doesn´t have enough nice places (beach for example).

      I´d recommend Luquillo. This one offers what Humacao does in terms of relaxation plus great nature surroundings. And you´ll be extremely close to the National Rain Forrest and the Metropolitan Area.

      Another place, if you like to just loose yourseld in nature is choose to live in the Center of the country.

      Or, if you like a place with nice nature surrroundings plus historical places that gives a feeling of San Juan and don´t mind the heat) Ponce in the South. The biggest city in Puerto Rico.

      There´s plenty to choose in La Isla del Encanto.

      1. Cassie Post author

        I agree, Lester! I’d say anyone who is thinking of moving here permanently should do a full trip around the island to see which area calls to them. Puerto Rico is an island of many wonders.

        PS That’s really exciting, Bryan. Bienvenidos to you and your family.

  3. Raymond

    My wife and I have been visiting the Island every year since 2001. When I was a young boy my mother would send be to Puerto Rico to spend the summers there, is was my Fresh Air Fund. We have decided to move to Puerto Rico in the Summer of 2017, right after I retire from my job. We are thinking of moving either to Aguadilla, Ricon or Cabo Rojo. In April of 2017 we are going there in hopes of finding a place. Your story is a great motivator it has allowed me to feel more confident in our decision to move to the island.

    1. Anonymous

      Raymond. We are very very happy in the decision you and your wife have made to move here. We just love it and can’t seem to get enough of the culture and the people that we have met and have have been able to share experiences with. We have stayed in a condo for the past two months we have been here right on the beach. We just sit our butts on the beach all day and just wonder what we want to eat for dinner. It’s truly a different lifestyle for my fiancé and she is trying to adjust. I call her slow mo. No worries. And she tells me you move to slow. Point exactly I continue to tell her she is on a tropical island and it always gets better as the hours go by. We no longer work and starting to enjoy the nagging of one another. Come next week we have decided to move to the other side of the island to Cabo rojo to a beach house and then from there, who knows. Maybe one day we will meet, laugh and tell jokes to each other on how bad our better half a nag. Enjoy and don’t ever give up your dreams. We didn’t and we made it here and now the fun ( nagging) begins. Ha ha. Till then

  4. Chris

    Hi, Love your site. Thanks to directing us to the recycle center. We just bought here in Los Almendros and are now furnishing and changing appliances. Do you know of places to get beach decor? We seem to get stuck and can not find anything. We had better stuff in the states. Getting furniture was not that fun. Rooms to go seems to be the place. Congrats on full time down here. We are snow birds it seems but will be back from time to time over the year of course.
    Chris and Margarita
    New York

    1. Gatica

      Hey Chris and Margarita
      Just unloaded our container from Cali on Monday and we’re about done putting everything in it’s place. We brought with us a pair of brand new in the box sea glass turquoise lamps from Pier One Imports that just didn’t work for me, wow bad timing, would have donated them to you but already gave them up. Check out TJ maxx or Marshall’s for some beach decor. There is a second hand shop on carretera 2 in Aguada if you’re into it, name of it is Thrift Shop Antiguedades y Algo Mas. Gloria is the name of the proprietor, 787- 445 – 4784.

  5. Jonathan Rosenfield

    Buenos dias Britton and Cassie!

    I really enjoyed reading about you guys and I am thankful you shared your experience with the public. Have you guys been to San Sebastian or Vieques? When I was around 13 years old I lived in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. During the three years I was there I fell in love with the environment, beaches, food, and of course the women. I have kept in touch with friends and family and I still try to visit once a year. Now that I am 20 years old and taking a “gap year” from college I am interested in moving out there again. One of my favorite pueblos in Puerto Rico is Rincon and I would love to live there. That’s why I am very excited you guys chose to live in Rincon.
    As I try to put the puzzle pieces together I would really appreciate your input.
    One of my main concerns is where can I get employed? I am fluent in English and Spanish, but I do not have a college degree which limits opportunities. I enjoy physical labor, and I have previous work experience. I just want to live near the beaches of PR.

    Thank you, Jonathan

    1. Sharon

      Hey, Jonathon! I saw you had the latest response on this blog. I hope you made it and everything worked out if that is what you really wanted. If not, I know life has you where you need to be.

      I have thought off and on about moving to PR especially now that my kids are becoming there own as young adults. My son, 22, wants to come with me if I do! He is adventurous like me! LOL

      I do have a question, because many of the posts are “couples” that are moving from the US. Many have waited for retirement. I was a stay at home mom! In some ways, you never retire but definitely not with a retirement income. I do have a college degree in psychology and have substituted in school and would love being a teacher. Most of my background is administrative/secretarial. I have also bartended for over 10 years. I currently own my own cleaning business, both residential and commercial accounts. I feel I can make it anywhere but would like an opinion on what job opportunities could be there for me?

      Thanks, Sharon

  6. Roz Nieves Winfield

    Hi Cassie

    It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote. Fast forward my husband retired, we bought a house in Aguada, transported a Jeep Wrangler from Miami to PR. We are very happy with our Chalet on a hill some ocean view great neighbors. Only thing is we got ripped off at the port of San Juan, taxes by the dept of hacienda, 5,000 for a 2012 jeep,transport was separate 2,000, ouch. We did not see that coming, had we known we would have bought something on the island. We did try to get a quote on taxes but we’re given the run around, now I know why. We are not yet totally moved because of renovations but we are loving the shopping on the island, for wood panels commercial Mendez in Aguada,tiles Paradise ceramic imports, Soto appliance for used excellent condition to new appliances and Home Depot, Marshals in mayaguez

  7. Jon

    Now what? You just had the devastation of one hurricane and now PR is going to get hit again. Is it possible to survive? Are your homes built to withstand hurricane force winds? Keep us posted.

  8. Roz Nieves Winfield

    Now what, well we rebuild, my house in Aguada survived and so did almost all the neighbors houses. My family in Aguadilla, Caguas,Levittown,Bayamon, Guynabo, are all ok with minimal damage to their houses. We are resilient people. If we have to wash clothes on a rock so be it. I am in Miami and my flight to Aguadilla was cancelled. I have been donating everything that is needed and sending boxes. As soon as I can go back I will and my agenda is to help anyway I can to rebuild.


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