Snapshots of Life Right Now: September 2015

Posted by Cassie

Well, tomorrow is officially our 2 year anniversary of living in Puerto Rico (here’s life when we first arrived)! My how time flies! We still have so much to look forward to (or it could be seen as so much to do!) that time just sort of slips away from us. Perhaps it is the lack of snow and cold that makes everything sort of meld together, or maybe it is that we don’t have any real pressing urgency to be anywhere, but time has gone by so fast.

Turkey troop
Turkey troop in the sunlight

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so rather than attempt to write about our daily lives too much I thought I would just share many thousands of words in a few pictures. Thank goodness for pictures to capture a few of these fleeting moments.

Mowing the lawn
Summer rains and heat means things grow super fast -so we both get out and mow!

Bridge quebrada
Preparing the site for the bridge crossing over the quebrada

Troupial 1
Beautiful troupial in a tamarind tree

Britton bench
Britton, Kitty and the turkey poults 

Cow at steps
Friendly soft-eyed cow at Steps Beach

Strange yummy fruit finds at the Farmer’s Market – A porcupine looking pulasan

Plumeria trinitaria
Plumeria and trinitaria (plus sphinx moth caterpillars)

Ship passingWatching ships passing and clouds building

Steps beachJamming at Marks
Days of sun and beach and nights of jamming music

Cassie chicken cat
And lots of time outside with the animals: Me, Kitty and a chicken

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4 thoughts on “Snapshots of Life Right Now: September 2015

  1. Barbara Schutt

    Niceness!!! It is amazing your kitty doesn’t attach the little turkeys and chickens. You guys have accomplished a lot. Isn’t it wonderful that you can work on your own schedule as you wish and not be rushing to be somewhere all the time for someone else?

  2. Karen

    As usual, great post and what a beautiful shot of the turkeys in the sunlight.

    I have been meaning to ask you guys about your garden in regards to the many iguanas abound. I am growing a container garden here with veggies, parcha and some flowering vines. Unfortunately the juvenile green iguanas really love my plants even with a field of greens between their nest and my patio. So much so, some have been completely obliterated in less than a day. Do you have this problem and if so, what do you do? I am going to try a pepper/garlic concoction but for now I have everything netted up. I supposed since your yard is so abundant there is plenty to go around but thought I would ask anyway. Cheers.

  3. Cassie Post author

    Thanks Barbara!
    Really the only way to keep them away is to build a little cage/fence around your veggies. They are hungry creatures! In just 10 minutes they can take all the leaves off pumpkin vines or lettuce. Right now, we don’t bother trying to keep them out as they pretty much leave the fruit trees alone, but they do eat a lot of the passionfruit vine leaves as well as flowers which stinks. Some people have tried Iguana Rid or garlic, but you would have to reapply it so often I think it would be sort of a fruitless effort (haha, punny). So if you’re up for it, just enclose the garden with a little bamboo fencing and then just put some rabbit mesh wire on top since they can climb too. Probably the best, long-term solution for an individual garden.

  4. Karen

    Thanks Cassie, I agree I would probably be making a spray one a week and then have to be diligent about applying it. There are so many other things I ‘d rather be doing. The iguanas love the parcha so much I practically have to pull them off, I definitely don’t intimidate them. I guess I’ll just keep them fortressed up and see how the wire and netting goes. (I cant put up a fence here, its an apt community) Good to know they like pumpkin too, if I ever get a proper lot for beds I’ll be prepared.


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