Kitty and the Kumquat Tree

Posted by Britton

This trip was a bit different than our other trips to Puerto Rico.  We had lots more to take and we aren’t coming back (for at least a while).  The voyage out to Rincon started in DIA with lots and lots of boxes.  We had prepared for Kitty’s trip by getting him up to date on shots, then getting a health certificate from our veterinarian.  All needlessly.  Nobody checked on him at DIA or flying into BQN.  Better safe than sorry I suppose.

Almost Everything We Own

We also took our Kumquat tree that we had kept as a houseplant in Colorado.  We have read that they are fairly rare in PR, plus it was an extra challenge.  Can you take plants to Puerto Rico?  How do you pack them?  Will security be ok with it?  All of these questions became fairly easily answered.  You can take plants, pack them however you wish but a shopping bag would work nicely and security was fine. (Thanks Charlotte and Anthony for sticking around just in case!)

Kumquat and Kitty Cat
Kitty All Doped Up and the Kumquat Tree

The flight went well, nothing too out of the ordinary.  We arrived in Aguadilla, loaded up our rental car and set off for the property.  At 1am as that is what time United flights arrive and depart from Aguadilla (BQN).

We arrived at the house around 2am.  It was dark and overgrown, this has been the norm since we almost always have to come back to CO after cutting the jungle back.  Here is a short video of our arrival!

The vines grow over the gate and the trees grow over the driveway.  We can’t park the car in the yard until everything is cut down.  It is quite the undertaking and usually requires around 6 to 8 hours before the car can be parked.

10 minutes later, after our arrival we were still at

It will take a while to “dig out” but we have our cabin opened up, kitty is starting to come out from under the blankets and eat, drink and pee which is a good sign.  He is pretty freaked out though, as he should be!  This is quite a radical difference from what he is used to.   All in all we have arrived safely, with all of our tattered and dented luggage!

Scared kitty

Kitty Hiding

We did a lot our first day too! We found the post office and got two of our flat rate boxes and we started working on the huge battle against the jungle that has overtaken the yard and house in the last nine months.

We had a couple of awesome and not so awesome finds in the yard as well.

Passion flower


One of the many vines growing everywhere is passionflower/fruit! And the hibiscus and starfruit trees are doing great in spite of the vines all over them.

orange hibiscus


The not so great thing is that we think the bees are back….Good thing we brought our bee hats and veils! We might have to just get comfortable removing them.

more bees
More bees??! Maybe they are just swarming??

Cassie pulling vines

Even Cassie got into the vine pulling/yard clean up!

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7 thoughts on “Kitty and the Kumquat Tree

  1. Jamie

    Well, I was off just a few minutes on your arrival…did you drive a little slow?? lol.. I am so glad that you had a good flight and everything worked out. I am also glad that you are cutting that all down before we get there. Looks like fun!!!

  2. Rick Foley

    I feel your Pain Cassie & Britton 9 months of the jungle growing is a lot it’s amazing how fast stuff grows down there. The first time I went to are place in Patillas PR I spent the whole day with the weed whacker and machete just to cut away the jungle to get up to the house. You should where long sleeves & gloves stay away from the Pica Pica plant.I will try to send you a picture what it looks like.

  3. mom

    I am so happy to see you made it back to the Jungle. I am missing you terribly but I’m glad your living your dream! I went on a hike in Wyoming with my friend Kary today. It was nice to get away for the day and just enjoy some “girl time”. I Love you lots and send you hugs and kisses! Mom

  4. Linda

    Congrats on your arrival! If you need a place to recoup just say the word and you can stay in our studio for a few days. Britton knows the way and I’ll tell you where the hide a key is.
    Looks like you’ve got a TON of PicaPica. Keep that stuff OUT of your property if possible. Not that it matters if you have it in your neighbors yard. it gets in everything when it blooms. Stefan has a picture of picapica on CA2PR.
    Kitty must be trippin’. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures!
    Be well

  5. Britton

    Hi Jamie! You were pretty spot on. Looking up the flights for the least expensive shows that we think alike. We did get a little lost on the way back since we don’t have GPS, but we figured it out.

    Rick, I think I’ll need a chainsaw.

    Mom (Charlotte), we miss you too! Thanks for your help getting us here, it is truly appreciated and we look forward to having you visit us here.

    Linda, I think our cabana is pretty comfortable so we may be good. Thanks for the offer and if something unexpected happens we may have to take you up on it.

    Pica Pica? What about the ANTS!!! I mowed in my flip flops. Trying to build up an immunity to their vicious little pinchers..haha. Not sure it is working…

    Thanks for the comments and keep them coming

  6. Marisa

    Bees in the exterior walls of a house are a sign of good luck and fortune. If they’re not getting into the house, you could leave them and they won’t hurt a thing . In fact, they just make your star fruit grow better :)

  7. Annie

    Pictures are great!. Looks like an adventure, too, cutting away vines to get to your front door! Loved the flowers; will be fun to see what you turn up and later plant. Congratulations, this is a big accomplishment and a great new lifestyle.
    :) Annie


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