Cafe Panache in Greeley

Posted by Britton

The other day Cassie and I finally had a chance to visit Café Panache in downtown Greeley.  We had been meaning to eat there since we heard about their opening in the newspaper.  They focus on crepes, soups and salads.

Located in downtown Greeley

We showed up at lunchtime and ordered a turkey/provolone/sage crepe, a romaine salad and an order of curried pork with cherries.


The restaurant has a nice French café feel to it. They play French music, serve chilled water in a wine bottle and is creatively decorated.

Cassie in front of the menu and some of the unique decorations (melted and repurposed albums)

The food was fresh and tasty and appropriately priced (everything was around $3).  I hadn’t ever had curried pork that I can remember, but I thought it was pretty good. Overall a fun spot.

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3 thoughts on “Cafe Panache in Greeley

  1. katrinakruse

    I’m beginning to think we should move to Colorado! Lots of neat food places, good hiking, the dinner movie theater, farmer’s markets, libraries, open space and more sun than Washington (but snow – don’t know if I could do that). Oh, have you gone to the Food and Wine Festival? Or Arts Festivals? Florida might be like here with all old people – is Colorado kind of younger? I love lemon and sugar crepes!

  2. Britton

    Yeah, Colorado is pretty cool. We don’t dislike where we live, it is a really neat place. We love it here during the summer. The reason we want to live somewhere tropical is to simply try something new and try to learn and grow. And heck, if it werent for winter we wouldnt ever leave!

    If you guys ever want to visit just let us know.

  3. Cassie

    If we were to stay in CO, we would probably move to the Boulder area though and see what it was like there…We were both born in and have lived in Greeley a long time so anywhere we go will be a learning and growing experience. I just think a tropical island is about as “foreign” from a landlocked cold state as we can get and so we are really looking forward to the contrasts!


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