Canvas and Chocolates Event at UNC

Posted by Cassie

I happened to receive a flyer in my work email the other day for an event to be held at the University of Northern Colorado later that week. I thought it looked fun and interesting, so I invited my new friend Amy to come with me to it. It was called Canvas and Chocolates and it was put on by the UNC Women’s Resource Center. From their website, it looks as though they put on a number of cool free events like this!

It was a lot of fun, and how could it not when you mix chocolate and crafts?

In the UNC Ballroom

The event began with a registration and putting your name in for a drawing of some gift cards. Then they asked you to go and get some acrylic paints on a paper plate and take a seat anywhere in the ballroom. At the tables easels and canvas boards were already set up along with cups of water and paper towels.

After we set up at our table station, we got in line for the coffee and all the various goodies that could go into the center of attention: a chocolate fountation. It was delicious, but the line was not moving very fast because there was so much to choose from and not much area to move.

Chocolate Fountain!

Then we heard a little from the event organizers and did a guided meditation on what empowers us. I of course immediately imagined Puerto Rico and when we bought our house there in Rincón. We were encouraged to use that vision to paint a picture of our own personal empowerment.

My empowering palm scene

Many people had different visions when it came to this, and people had different painting skill levels. It was really neat to see all the creations around the room.

It was a cool night and reminded me how much I love to draw and paint. I just wish I had a little more time to do it. I would definitely recommend this evening again, and invite more friends and even Britton to it -as men were welcome as well.

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3 thoughts on “Canvas and Chocolates Event at UNC

  1. Annie

    Hi guys,
    just wanted you to know someone has captured your google referral link with a religious bs “why were you born?” If you go off the google life you get stuck on this site. I got to you from going off older entries.

    I know Britton can fix anything!

    BTW the UNC event looked great – art and food, great combo.

  2. katrina kruse

    When you sit on the deck at the Puerto Rico house you can paint sunsets and crazy wild colors every night! You’ll have to get chocolate choices through friends or the mail but hey, no one in the states can order PR sunsets and get them.


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