Kress Cinema Theatre and Lounge in Greeley

Posted by Cassie

Yesterday we decided to go and hang out. Our roommate had her mom and sister visiting from out of town, so we wanted to make ourselves scarce. So we went to Lake Loveland again and walked around the lake. Then we went to Starbucks with some gift cards we received from a relationship class we took.

Outside with the Kress Marquee

Then last night we decided to go out to see a movie. Instead of going to the big movie megaplex we went to the Indie movie theatre called the Kress Cinema and Lounge here in Greeley. We really like the Kress and it’s a nice place to take friends and family, or go out on a date like we did. They’ve remodeled the building and given it a sort of art deco feel from the 40′s.

We saw a movie called “Barney’s Version”. It was a pretty interesting take on the traditional love story starring Paul Giamatti. At the Kress you can eat and drink (including alcohol) which is very different from other theatres that only offer popcorn, pop, and candy. We shared a “Charlie and the Chocolate Brownie”, a brownie and ice cream dessert. Also something different about Kress is that they have FREE showings of old cult favorites (on Fridays) and classics (Sundays).

Afterward, we hung out and listened to a live jazz band that was playing in the lounge for a little while before taking the Corvette back home. It was a great day all in all.

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