Meet the Pets

Polish Hendrix(small)

Meet the pets. First up is Grandma.  She came to us via the USPS.


Soon after we moved to our house in Greeley, Britton wanted a kitten. So we now have Kitty. Kitty was originally named Batman, but it just didn’t stick. The more we called him Kitty (as in here kitty-kitty), the more he responded, and thus the name stuck. He is a funny cat. He acts very proud, but is actually a Fraidy Cat. We even saw him jump up and hide from a mouse once!

Cool royal palm turkey


Rooster crow




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One thought on “Meet the Pets

  1. Shelly

    Good Morning from Texas! My husband and I own a home and a yacht on the east side of PR and we absolutely love the Island. Somehow while reading your blog I missed what your primary source of income is, and how you ended up on the west side? Our boat is for sale and although we love “the bubble” that is Palmas del Mar in Humacao, our dream has always been to do much of what you are doing. We want to have our own fruit trees, enjoy a garden, feed chickens and raise our own beef. We have yet to figure out how to survive in the tragic economy that plagues the island, hence, we travel back and forth making a living in the states so we can “live” for short bursts in paradise. So I will live vicariously through your blog until we find a way to sustain ourselves.

    Two questions: first is the aforementioned one on how you chose Rincon, second, I wonder if you know anything about long term car leasing there? We always rent a car from Target when we arrive and keep it our entire stay, which sometimes is as long as 6 months, this gets pricey and we’d like to get a long term lease, but can’t find anyone who has done it. When we ask the locals they seem to not understand exactly what we are asking, even our friend that is the matriarch of Target Rental doesn’t get what we are saying, but tells me the banks there just rent cars the same as she does. Any local knowledge you might hear would be so helpful. We do not want to buy a car if we can avoid it. I am a 58 year old woman who spends lots of time there while my husband is in Texas working, and I don’t want the responsibility or risk of used car maintenance and don’t want to pay the ridiculous prices for a new one.

    Thank you for this blog! I have enjoyed everything I have read, and have learned a lot about living the dream!



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