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Happy New year!! My husband and I have followed your blogs and timeline on your move to Puerto Rico. We will also be making the move this summer with my three children. We have a home in Aguadilla and our target move date is June 2013. I am looking to network and make some new friends around our new home. I am interested in any tips or suggestions you can give us for starting a new life in PR. I look foward to hearing from you! Who knows, maybe our paths will cross one day =) Cheers to a new adventure in 2013. M
Jan. 1, 2013 by Marissa, Houston, Texas

A. How exciting Marissa! Our move date is October 2013, so we will be in the same boat soon. We would love to network with you and your family and be sure to stay tuned to this blog for tips and suggestions as they come up!


Hello! My name is Rebecca and my family and I live in Grand Junction. My husband works in Greeley so we have decided to re-locate. I came across your sight in trying to learn about Greeley! I have lived here for 27 years so naturally I am slightly terrified! Lol..we are moving into the Mountain Vista subdivision in West Greeley. I haven't seen it yet, but the pictures look beautiful! I see you buy properties? This is our 4th, we will be renting out all our others here. My daughter is 3, I don't know if you have children. But I am needing insight to great preschools, ob-gyn, ballet, swimming, drs., physical or any idea on where to look? We also like exploring, I see Estes Park is very close!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Rebecca
Oct. 28, 2012

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Living somewhere for a long time definitely makes it harder to leave, both Cassie and I have lived in (or around) the Greeley area for ~30 years! We're pretty well used to our lives here. When we move we will be in similar shoes.

The Mountain Vista subdivision is a nice area. We had some friends that had bought/sold a house there a few years ago. It is on the very west side of town and there are new things being bulit out there all the time. They just built a new King Soopers grocery store and shopping area not too far away and also a new new funplex that has indoor swimming and lots of different classes for just about anything from yoga and salsa dancing to
volleyball and weight lifting. There are walkiing trails, ball parks, golf courses, parks and schools scattered about. The Farr library is near the fun plex and they get a lot of new materials all the time including movies (DVD and Blu-Ray). The libaries here are awesome and we utilize them often.

We don't have kids yet but Greeley is a fairly large city and we have a variety of pre-schools and doctors to choose from. I am sure you won't have a problem. In fact we have a large Hospital called the North Colorado Medical Center as well as a variety of supporting clinics. It is a fairly large hub for medical professionals. In fact we have hosted med students who come thru for their rotations.

Exploring is easy here too. The foothills are only about 15 minutes away and there are a ton of trails all over the front range. Fort Collins is fun and close and as you mentioned Estes park is close enough for easy day trips. It takes only about an hour to drive to Estes. We are also farily close to Denver if you're into watching professional sports or want to see a big name concert or some of the larger atractions. It's all very close by and easily accessable. It is one of the reasons we haven't ever left, Greely has everything a person needs and close access to everything else without the hassle of living day to day in a big city.

For our properties we are planning on having a management company take care of them while we are out of town. It has made it really nice to not worry about them. We had managed them ourselves for quite a while and we were used to keeping an eye on things. Having someone take care of that has freed up a lot of our time and concerns.

I am sure you'll like being in Greeley. It is big enough to not have the strangeness of a small town, but it's not big enough to feel like a rushed large city either. We recently went to Palisade and Grand Junction this summer and had a lot of fun.


Hello- I came across your blog while looking for places to live in Rincon...and I love it! I wanted to reach out and see if you had any advise/leads on finding a place to rent in Rincon(long term rental)? I am moving from Los Angeles to Rincon at the beginning of Oct and would appreciate any knowledge you have on making this move. Thank you so much for your time. :)Nicole
Jul. 2, 2012 by Nicole, CA

Hi Nicole! Congratulations on your move to Rincon! Soon we will be neighbors :-) As for the rental market in Rincon, there are a few sources that you can check out including, Craigslist, all the real estate companies like Island West Properties, JM properties, etc. because they usually have a rental section as well. If you find a property management company that lists vacation rentals they usually also have longer term rentals as well. Also, El Coqui of Rincon, is the monthly magazine/newsletter that lists all sorts of services and products including rentals. Another new source of listings is Rincon is truly a village where everyone knows everyone and most things happen via word of mouth. I would recommend you find some place for a month or so at first and then when you are there, ask around at the bars, at restaurants, coffee shops etc. That is the way most people find what they are looking for. Hope this helps and hope to hear from you soon! Let us know how it goes!


Hello. Thank you for the great site! I'm curious as to how difficult it would be to find IT work in Rincon? It appears I'm in the same industry as Britton and wonder how he secured work. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! -Dylan
Mar. 9, 2013 by Dylan

There is not much industry in Rincon to find a corporate style job. However, Aguadilla and Mayaguez are both much larger cities with bigger employment opportunities. Most will require you to be bilingual (Spanish/English). I would recommend that if you want to do IT work in Rincon, you find a work-remote job. As for Britton, this (work remote) is what he will do if his company will allow it. If not we will both be moving without traditional jobs.


Hey guys, This is not so much a question but more of a thank you. My family and I are moving to Aguadilla, P.R. from Texas where we have lived our whole life and your blogs have helped us in so many ways(mostly with all the links to others that have already made the move). I'll be moving in a couple of weeks by myself to get the house in order and the family will follow soon after. We hope your move goes well.
Mar. 4, 2013 by Jorge, Texas

Thanks Jorge! Good luck on your move. Glad to help. Keep us posted on how things are going.


Hi Guys, We've been enjoying reading your blogs as we are also thinking about moving to Rincon, PR. So many questions. Why did you choose Rincon? We love the Sunsets! Buy or build? How difficult would it be to build there? Where do we start? Would we have to be there full-time to supervise the build? What are taxes there? Property, income, sales tax? How did you come upon buying your place? What was that experience like? So many things to contemplate. Let's stay in touch...we may be neighbors someday!
Sep. 13, 2012

Hi Mark & Vickie, thanks for stopping by our blog! We'll do our best to answer your questions.

Why did you choose Rincon?
It is a good transition for people from the mainland U.S. because it offers more of the comforts that we are used to. We traveled all of Puerto Rico -and nearly bought properties in Lares and Isabela- but found that we were always drawn back to Rincon for the amenities. We are going to be moving 3,000 miles, we didn't want to come up 50 miles short of our dream. We had always thought it was out of our price range, but we managed to find a place that met all our requirements.

Buy or build? How difficult would it be to build there?
That depends on a lot of things. You can build there and our friend Rosa has done just that. She frequents the blog and might chime in on her experience. She wasn't there full time for the build, but she did know the builder personally which might have made a big difference. Building can be done, but a remodel from what we've heard is much easier. We have a place that as water and electric and two structures that we plan on fixing up. We are open to building more from scratch so I suppose you could say we are doing both (building new & remodeling).

What are taxes there?
Property tax is virtually nothing and that's the only experience we've had with taxes so far except the newly instituted sales tax. From what I understand there are no federal income tax, but there are local taxes on income.

How did you come upon buying your place? What was that experience like?

It was a pretty long journey that spans a few years. We actually signed contracts on two other properties before getting the place we ended up with. We initially found a really good deal on a place with 25 acres up in Lares. The title on that one however wasn't ever put in the registry so we ended up waiting a good year before getting our deposit back. We weren't sure how much longer it was going to take plus we found ourselves always driving to Rincon when we stayed there. It was very remote which made it cool, but also very isolated. We aren't ready to be hermits yet :)

The second place was in Isabela which was much closer to Rincon. We signed a contract on that place too. While I was there looking at this particular property in Isabela, Cassie had me also look at some others that were outside of our price range in Rincon, just to look. When I returned we signed a contract on the place in Isabela, but one of the realitors that showed me around in Rincon called and told us to "just put in an offer" on what is now our place in Rincon. We put in a very low offer and while they didn't take that, they countered with a price we couldn't refuse. We lost our earnest money on the place in Isabela, but we were ok with that because the price on the place in Rincon was so reduced.

The experience was fun and exciting and looking back it is easy to connect the dots and see how we ended up with the place we have. We wanted acres of walkable/farmable land so we'd have an opportunity to stretch our imaginations when we arrive. I also wanted a concrete structure and this property has both wood and concrete. Again, both! Why choose? As you will get to know about us we arent about 'ether or' we are about 'both' or leaving our options open.

Here are some links that cover more in depth some of the above:
Our place:

Our Place In Rincon
Buying the property:
Buying The Property


Hi, my boyfriend and I would like to buy in Rincon PR. We love it there!!! Can you recommend a "good" realtor? How did you go about finding a place? How difficult was it (process)? Excited, Debbie
Apr. 25, 2013 by Debbie, New Hampshire 03064
Hi Debbie!
Congratulations on your prospects! Real estate agents don't work the same way as they do in the states. In Puerto Rico there is no MLS and so each agent only wants to show you the properties that they have listed. Some will show you others if you pay them an additional amount, but for the most part, searching for properties in Puerto Rico is much more on the buyers than the agents. There are a few good real estate businesses in Rincon like Island West, J+M Realty and others. I recommend you check each of them out.

Overall, if you want to begin your search, check all the websites (like, point2homes, and PR Craigslist, etc). Then, call each of the listing agents to set up a time to see the properties that you liked that are listed at that agency. Or there might be some for sale by owner as well in which case you will have to talk directly with the owner. That was the case for us when we nearly bought a property in Lares

Our process was to see A LOT of properties in western PR and make offers on a number of them before we finally found our place in Rincon. It was fairly difficult for us because we had a lot of things we were looking for that weren't always that easy to find in one package (low price, a few acres, near the beach). We found what we were looking for even though it will need a tremendous amount of work before it will feel like "home" to us. I have written a little about the similarities and differences in buying in the US mainland and in PR Here

Hope this helps and let us know how it goes! We look forward to seeing you around Rincon in the future!

I was just in Rincon, Puerto Rico for the first time and I loved it there. I have always had a dream to open my own bar/restaurant- in the future- somewhere on a tropical island. As I drove around the town scoping out the place and getting a feel for it, I noticed there were many homes and business for sale in the area. Do you happen to know why so many people are leaving the area? Is there high crime rate in this area?
Nov. 19, 2012 by maribel, nj

Hi Maribel,
That would be so cool if you opened a bar/restaurant in Puerto Rico! I don't think there is a particular reason that there are so many homes and businesses for sale. What we have found is that people will try and sell their stuff for way more than it is worth in the hopes of finding gold. Most people in Puerto Rico own their properties outright and so it doesn't really matter to them how long they wait or even if they sell it at all. So they ask far more than they should and there is a glut of overpriced properties on the market. As far as we know, nothing has really changed about Rincon. It is still the same sleepy little tropical corner we've known and loved. Crime rates are much higer in the San Juan area.


I was wondering, since you seem to love the island of PR.. Where should my husband and I visit while we vacation in PR? I heard of some cools spots… like the lake that lights up…but I just dont know where to start and finish? Any recc. of places you FELL iin love with or have learned about that only a native islander would know of?
Oct. 28, 2012 by Melissa

We have been there numerous times for numerous lengths of time and depending on how long you'll be there will make a difference in what you have time to see/do. I would say that if you're flying into San Juan, visit 'Old San Juan'. That is where the old forts are, the Bacardi factory and various resturants, bars and clubs. Most people who visit Puerto Rico have seen this area as it is where most of the cruise ships stop. You can keep busy for a good day or two.

The rest of the island is pretty varied and is worth seeing. We always jump in a rental car and drive ourselves around staying at small hotels/guesthouses along the way. It makes for a fun adventure. There are tourist maps available at most of the hotels that have places to stay and things to see, I'd recommend picking one up and visiting some of the main tourist areas. There is a cool mountain retreat / resort place called Casa Grande just outside of Utuado that we stayed at ( From there we were able to visit the Camuy caves, the Aricebo Observatory, Lago Dos Bocas as Casa Grande is a good mid way across the island and makes a good "base" to start your day from.. We would do day trips then go back to Casa Grande at night.

Rincon is a tourist destination as well and that is where you will find some of the best beaches that PR has to offer. There are resturants and great places to stay. It is a surf mecca. Neither of us surf yet and we both enjoyed Rincon on our vacations and is why we eventually ended up buying a place there. Internet is available at most stops and there are coffee shops and bakerys along the 413. If you can eat breakfast at the english rose, definately do. It has a good reputation and does get fairly busy. Show up early.

There are a few bays that light up (bioluminescent bays). We haven't actually visited one yet. When we were there, it was a full moon which apparently makes the effect not as outstanding so we decided not to go. We should have done it anyway in hindsight. That was in La Parguera. There are also bays in Fajardo and Vieques. This is still something we want to do and people have gone say its wonderful.

On the south side there is the city of Ponce and on the eastern side of the island there is El Yunque National Forest which is awesomely green and there are a few guesthouses/hotels to stay at along the way. We have mostly visited the West side, but when we made a full trip around the island on a 2 week vaction we tried to do it all. We did pretty good except the bio bay!


i will like to know how much is the water heater and where i order one
Dec. 26, 2012 by zoraida

I think you are referring to the electric shower head water heater. We were able to find them at hardware stores in Puerto Rico. Specifically at Home Depot or the Do it Best in Rincon. They cost about $50.

Here is our write up about them:

Dur-o-Matic Shower Heater


Recently went to Rincon Puerto Rico and was fell in love with the place. I explored and drove around to try to get a feel for the area. While I was driving around I noticed many homes and business for sale. Do you happen to know why so many are trying to leave the area? Is there high crime rate in this area of Puerto Rico?
Nov. 19, 2012 by Maribel, new jersey

Hi Maribel,
I would not know for sure, but it seems that everyone has their stuff for sale (for for outrageous prices). In the states, when people list something for sale they are serious about selling it within 1-6 months. In PR we have seen the same houses and businesses for sale for years and years and years. They overprice them in the hopes of finding someone who doesn't know what the "real" market is there (AKA a sucker). I guess this happens everywhere like the phrase says "everything is for sale at the right price" but in PR it's just more obvious.

This even happened with the property we bought. It was listed for over 10 years for $200k more than what we actually bought it for. When they became serious about selling, it sold (to us).

This is not a high crime rate area in Puerto Rico compared to other areas and I don't even think many are trying to leave the area, but rather just sell their assets and do something else or live in a different house in the same area.


We just got back from PR bought a home right outside Rincon. So unsure just where to begin, Realtor was not much help. I had question about shipping things to PR some say taxes to ship things is very hight. Have you had any experience with that? and how long does it take, we live in west Texas. Is there any web sit gives any information on the steps we should take?
Mar. 9, 2013 by Brenda, TX/PR

Hi Brenda!
Congratulations on your new home! How exciting! For most things that you are going to ship, you can just ship them via the USPS or another service. I have heard some people just send it to "General Shipment" to the post office with their name on it and they go and pick it up directly from the post office. It takes about as long as shipping anything since PR is part of the USPS. Shipping in general is pretty expensive and that is why we are not taking very much.

If you are planning on taking a lot of furniture, you might consider container shipping which is less per pound to ship, but then you will have to deal with import tax and same situation with shipping a car. We have researched shipping a car and it is at least $1000 no matter what the car type and will be much more expensive the newer/pricier the car itself is. I have heard horror stories about delays and mix-ups in the shipments, but I have also heard it went very smoothly. I will look into other web sites with this sort of information and post it here on LifeTransPlanet. Thanks for stopping by.


You guys look happy, good for you, I too am thinking of moving from New jersey to PR in the summer; however, I hear the crime (mainly murder rate) is through the roof. How's your experience with that?
Feb. 28, 2013 by Mike T, NJ

Hi Mike,
In our experience, we have not seen very much crime at all in Rincon and the west coast. That is not to say that it doesn't happen, but in our experience, it hasn't. When we were in San Juan, it was a different story and it looked like there were active drug deals and prostitution going on right on the streets. We are not "big city" types however so that may just be a common thing in cities that are larger than a million people in a condensed area (like NYC?). I have never (thankfully!) seen a murder in my life anywhere and that is the same for PR. Have you visited PR yet? A lot of time the news over-exaggerates situations in order to sensationalize things. We love it there. It is beautiful, warm and the people overall have been friendly to us and I have always felt safe walking around 99% of the island.


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  1. allison

    I have a Tom, about 9 months old, who has recently started displaying aggressive behavior towards me – I think it is mating behavior, because he coos at me and follows me in this enclosure as I walk around. I definitely believe he has imprinted on me, not as a parent, but as a mate. FYI – He is our only turkey, but he is in an enclosure with a Bantam Belgian D’Uccle hen, who I brought home with him. They are buddies, and he shows no signs of trying to mate with her. Have you ever had Toms be aggressive toward you in this way, and what can I do about it? When I enter the enclosure, he tries to bite and wing slap me. If I reach out to pet him, he will drop to the ground and settle down. Any thoughts?

  2. Victoria

    Hi! We are considering moving to PR. Our girls are 10 and 11. I’m looking at private schools, but I have internet schooled them before. I don’t want to be in San Juan. I was wondering what internet access is like in the Rincon area. Do you know of any home schooling families in your area? One of my concerns is the girls finding friends.

    1. Cassie

      Hi Victoria,
      Internet is fine here. Probably more reliable than most other utilities (more than water and electricity)! I do know a few people who homeschool or do other alternative schooling. In the Rincón area there are a lot of people who think differently and you will find a large cohort of homeschooling parents here. I know parents who enrolled their kids in private schooling also and also public schools too! Lots of options.

      1. Cassie

        Hi Cecile!
        Here are some posts that show the beach and private house where she married. The property is Casa Hines (now Casa Jeanette) and the beach is called Almendros Beach.

        Our band played at a private event:

        We went to an art show there:

        We attended the Rincón Film Fest:

        And each Christmas we have had a pig roast on the same beach:

    1. Andrea

      I was wondering the same thing as I am planning on starting my own blog to make some side money. Marjorie sent me the link to your site and I told her I would contact you. (Though I don’t see a private way to contact you) She wasn’t sure you were monetizing your site at all.

  3. Jen

    Hi guys! Love your blog. it’s so informative! Just read your last post, speaking of this secret thai place….do you know if anything new will open where ode to the elephants use to be? My BF & I lovedddd that restaurant & was so sad when they left :(


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