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Random Photo Update: June 2017

Posted by Cassie

It’s that time again to sort through all the photos that have no other real place but in a random photo drop. All the little moments in life add up…

Cassie Abandoned Cassie in the window
I love checking out old abandoned buildings!

Cassie abandoned 2

Britton and the tree
Yard work is always humbling in its scale

Baby Hawk 2
And its rewards like seeing this young hawk up close

Bird on a banana leaf
Or this little guy

Cabin in the jungle
Back side of the cabin as it is currently

Abandoned House
At another cool abandoned house

Randomness of life here…Viking helmets and old nuclear reactors

Buena Vista 2 Edit
So breathtaking -Spanish wall overlooking Pools Beach in Rincóñ

Pare sign
You know it’s a surf town when…

At the international folkloric music/dance night in Rincon -people from all over the world came like Turkey!

Jenn Cassie Culture
Slovenia! (With my funny friend Jenn! haha)

I thought the fiddles, overalls and square dancing was a funny representation of the USA, but somewhat accurate I suppose for folk dancing

Junk in your Trunk
Now that’s what you call a lot of junk in your trunk!! ;-)

Check out these cool mushrooms growing on rotting wood

White gingers
White torch gingers at our finca

Plumeria caterpillar munching away

Sphinx moth

Beautiful Boquerón -standing

Boqueron chillin
And laid out (thanks to Amanda for this photo)

Horny Cassie
You never know what you might see…ram horn helmet and a skeleton at a restaurant!

Crazy VanThat’s quite the paint job!

wreck 2
And that’s one heck of a wreck!

Jeff and Britton Cassie fedora
Laura and Trevor Salsa night

We went out salsa dancing with fedoras at a place called Hydra and had a lot of fun! It’s a cool, hip place and while I love salsa dancing and music it does seem to be dying off as a popular music style here on the island. Bachata, merengue and reggaeton are far more favored at most bars. Salsa is like 50′s sock-hop music would be to most people stateside.

We got some moves- haha!

Piramide Pyramid
Yah, you know there’s just a random pyramid in Aguada

Such beauty! Hermit crabs abound

Motorcycle ride
A nice guy at a bar gave me a ride on his motocicleta!

And these guys found a land crab at this place! Apparently it is juey mating season!

Britton and Roberto
Good times with friends like Roberto

Cassie up
Fun at Spanish Wall

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Fiestas Patronales de Rincón 2016

Posted by Cassie

This weekend we attended the annual Fiestas Patronales in Rincón as we have for the last couple years. It’s a fun weekend of carnival rides, live music, fried foods and sugary or alcoholic drinks, people watching, dancing, games and gambling and more. This year it was a bit wet and muddy due to some tremendous afternoon aguaceros (downpours), but we still had a great time. It always reminds us a little of the Greeley Stampede  back in Colorado and the summer fun there. For these Fiestas Patronales this year we met up with a few friends and enjoyed the festivities. Here are a few pictures and a video of our time.

Carnival rides
Bright lights, loud music, swirling rides and fun times!

Playing pica
Learning and playing Pica

I finally learned how to play pica. It is essentially roulette. Instead of betting where the ball will land on the roulette wheel though, you bet which little wooden horse will come in first place. There are 24 spots and you win 20 to one on a number. Like roulette though you can bet on the line or a quadrant and earn a little less. Not very good odds, but fun to play for a while.

The bets are placed with a domino

BK CK Lichi
Britton, me and our friend Lichi

Pinchos Aranitas
Carnie food like pinchos and arañitas which translates to little spiders. A nest-like bowl of shredded and fried plantains with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and bbq chicken

Cassie Carnival 2
I had as much fun as any kid could!

We also really enjoyed the live music! It’s always so impressive to see these bands perform.



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Reggae, Readings and Rejoicing in Greeley for my Birthday

Posted by Cassie

My birthday was pretty fun. We went out to a late lunch with my parents and grandma to Farmer’s Inn in Lasalle.

Out to Farmer’s With the Fam

Then, later that evening we went out to the Rio in downtown Greeley for some margaritas and live music. There was a reggae band and it was pretty cool.

Rio Group
At the Rio with Matt, Jamie, Bobbie, Erin and Chad

Reggae Band Trichome
Greeley Reggae band Trichome with courthouse building behind

Britton and I got our tarot cards read from a lady across the street. It was pretty accurate including that we had some “delays” (AKA Puerto Rico). Since it was my birthday, she gave me a tarot card to keep. I pulled the King of Cups which means I have one or more strong, supportive and loving men in my life (both my dad and Britton). She said I was the Queen of Pentacles and good with money. Together we (the King of Cups and Queen of Pentacles) work well together.

The Card I took home

We had made plans to go out salsa dancing and meet some friends over at St. Michaels’ event center, so we headed over there around 8 or so. When we got there it became apparent that we had left a pretty cool party with live music for one with only about 20 people sitting around listening to a dj, so we went back downtown.

Cassie Bday
Friends Adriana, Bobbie, me and Lorena taken with Britton’s cell phone at the salsa place

We danced to the reggae band and my friends dedicated a song for my birthday. We stayed there until it closed and then headed across the street to the Penalty Box and hung out there for a while more. It was a very fun birthday.

Reggae Band Trichome early in the evening with Matt and Jamie’s daughter dancing

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