We Are Alive! Post Maria

Posted by Cassie

We have very limited internet right now. I am currently at a hot spot in Rincon. A little liquor store drinking a cold beer for the first time in a long while. This is because we have not had ice or cold refrigeration in a while. It has been quite the survivor experience, but we are alive and well. We survived Hurricane Maria, in our wooden house! A scary experience for sure.

We couldn’t get a hold of anyone for nearly 2 weeks and I have so much to say, but I am afraid that if I don’t get this out I won’t get anything out. Thank you for the love and concern. We are ok. There is no electricity or water and very little communication out of the island though it is improving. It is uncomfortable, but we are grateful and resetting. The power of mother nature and humanity is strong. Destruction and creation.

Everything is in limited supply. The lines for groceries and gas are long, but spirits are high and patient. We are very thankful for rainwater. It’s a strange time. The littlest things that we normally take for granted are now luxuries. Thank you for thinking of us and for all the friends and strangers who have come out to find out if we are alive. I hope to update soon!


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13 thoughts on “We Are Alive! Post Maria

  1. S

    I don’t know you but I recently found your blog and have been refreshing this page daily, hoping you are both okay. Thank you for letting even caring strangers know!

  2. Barbara Schutt

    So happy to hear from you guys!! You guys stayed in the wood house, wow! We’ve been hearing awful stories of PR and have had all of you in our prayers. Wishing you well, guys!

  3. Jose conty

    Your mother was on tv trying to reach you. Glad to see your ok. I’m sure you must of had some damage to your house. Long struggle ahead for Puerto Rico to recover. Good luck

  4. Rachel Freeman

    So glad to hear from you guys! I’m relieved you are okay. My thoughts are with you both as Puerto Rico has a long road to recovery. Looking forward to future updates. Keep us posted on ways we can help!

  5. Sonja

    So happy to read this and hope things get better very quickly! I searched for a Facebook post from you each day since the hurricane and even Googled you to see if any information had came through. I am someone who just tripped across your page while searching “moving to Puerto Rico,” and even though I will likely never get there, I really enjoy seeing it from your perspective. This is a challenge no one wants to go through, but we are all rooting for the quick recovery of the land and its people. Take care, be safe!
    Sonja in NC

  6. J K E

    So glad you are ok. My Mom, who has family in Aguadilla, kept asking me if you two had posted anything. She just heard from her family (por fin!) yesterday – almost two weeks after the storm. Please let us know how you survived.

  7. Derek Bainbridge

    Glad you and hopefully everyone you know of are okay. My thoughts and best hopes and wishes are with you and everyone in P.R !

  8. Gatica

    Wonderful to hear that you are safe. We received a message in California that was placed in Florida then relayed to someone in Illinois , that our beloved neighbors in Arecibo were okay. Our home survived!

  9. Deb Confer

    Glad to hear from you. Been checking your facebook page waiting to hear. Glad you are ok. Can’t believe you stayed in the wooden house through that!

  10. Rick

    So glad to here you two are ok and safe. Mary Jane and I just returned home here in Pa. Our place in Platillas is now a Cat 5 home we survived but many of the wooden homes with tin roofs have been destroyed you are very luck your house made it. Almost every tree on our mountain snapped like tooth picks we were praying one was not going to sail threw one of our windows. We have water from the mountain spring but our main holding tank was smashed luckily we had 25 gallons of fuel and a freezer full of food we were better off than most people up here in the mountains. All the people that live here all chipped in together to clear the roads and share what ever food and water they had to survive. The electric grid is destroyed and I’m sure it will be months until it’s repaired. I be leave this will be the end of PREPA a privet company needs to take over this task of rebuilding the infrastructure with the federal government’s help it will be a long hard task but hope and pry it gets done. Hang in there and stay safe.


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