A Walk to the 2016 Corona Pro Surf Contest

Posted by Cassie

This weekend we walked from our house to Domes Beach to check out one of the biggest parties in Rincón: the annual Corona Pro Surf Contest. There wasn’t much in terms of waves, but it was still a big crowd. We had learned from years past not to drive or you would end up walking anyway. It is so nice to be able to just walk there. We had a great time and saw lots of friends and neighbors on our way. Because walking is such a slower pace it also gave me a chance to take some great pictures all along Highway 413 which is also known as the Road to Happiness. Here are a few plus a video I compiled. Enjoy.

Corona boardsRincón Corona Surf Competition

VW busClassic Rincón -lots of VW buses

Cassie and domeView of the Dome from the 413

Flower treesRobles AKA Tabebuia trees are in bloom now

Desecheo and Faro
Views out to the lighthouse and Desecheo Island

Surf boardsStopped and visited our friend who works at this surf board rental place

Lighthouse flowersAnother beautiful day in Rincón


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3 thoughts on “A Walk to the 2016 Corona Pro Surf Contest

  1. Barbara Schutt

    Awesome photos and video! We decided to steer clear of the crowds and there not being any waves to speak of (sadly for the surfers). Sounds like you had a good time!

  2. Tonie

    Cassie, we were in Rincon on that Sunday but just went to the Plaza for the Market. Priave message me, we are having a get together and would love for you and Britton to come on Sat. April 9 from 2pm-??? in Quebradilla or email me..

    Take care,Tonie


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