Season’s Greetings: 2015 Christmas in Puerto Rico

Posted by Cassie

We hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays. Here in Puerto Rico we have been hanging out on the property and with friends.

Cassie in the plants
Enjoying outdoors in our tropical garden on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we stopped by the grocery store and saw Santa sweating outside in his fur suit and hat. I think the tropical version of Santa should be able to wear shorts.

Cassie and Santa

Papo was working nearby so he stopped by for lunch and brought us a bunch of delicious Puerto Rican Christmas food and some just-picked oranges from his farm. What a great friend he has become. Then that evening we played music with the band at Shampoo’s place.

Noche Buena con papo
A beautiful Noche Buena

Christmas Day we went to the pig roast on the beach and spent time with awesome people, swam in the sea, and even played a little music barefoot in the sand. Another wonderful tropical Christmas here in Puerto Rico.

Christmas on the beach
A fun big group of people at the pig roast

Bonfire Xmas magic

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad! We are so thankful to live so richly in moments more than things.

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3 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings: 2015 Christmas in Puerto Rico

  1. Barbara Schutt

    Awesome! So glad you got to go to the pig roast….2nd annual one, from what I understand. Happy Holidays to you both!

  2. Pam

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both! I’m more of a lurker than commenter, but love your posts. Typical sub-zero Colorado weather for this time of year – at least only night-time for now. I’m a bit jealous of you in shorts:) The cabin is coming along very nicely, too. So happy for you that you are living your dreams!


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