A Trip to the Dentist in Puerto Rico

Posted by Cassie

This month has been a doozy on the health care front. To top off our visits to the emergency room, I also happened to chip a tooth and needed to have an old filling removed and a new one filled.

Going to the dentist in Puerto Rico is remarkably similar to going to a dentist in the states. This is probably due to the fact that they are trained under the U.S. dental standards. They were all very professional and did a great job. The biggest difference (besides Spanish being the preferred language of most of the staff) was the cost!

Drilling and Filling

We are still just so shocked and thankful that Puerto Rico has not succumbed to the ridiculous prices of health and dental care as the rest of the United States. The cost (without insurance) for a full set of dental x-rays, an evaluation and a restoration filling was a total of $118 (cash only!). Since we don’t have a phone, we just stopped in and were able to make an appointment for that day. It was super efficient and affordable. Another reason to smile about living in Puerto Rico.



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15 thoughts on “A Trip to the Dentist in Puerto Rico

  1. Reinaldo

    This is another good idea to readers who want to liven paradise could open their own practice doctors, dentist or anybody involve in the health industry. Thereis a new market another idea for entrepreneurs is open an organic food store that people mostly expatriates want. So readers who want to live in paradise there is open opportunities to make it in Rincön.

  2. Karen

    Just wondering, did they say how much to repair the chipped tooth? I have a similar predicament and would love to know.

  3. Linda

    Who did you go to? someone in Rincon? Bob and I want to make appointments with dentists either in Nov. or Jan. Also, is spanish a must?? (I see visions of me hiring you as my interpreter for the day)

  4. Cassie Post author

    Thanks for the encouragement. I agree that there are lots of opportunities here!
    Haha. Yep, I think it is.
    The tooth that chipped for me was the one with the filling that needed replaced, so I am not sure what it would be just to fix the chip without the rest of the work. I am sure it would be reasonable, though. If it’s just a small chip that didn’t cause too much damage, you can actually just file it down with a nail file. I have done that before too! (Weird, I know, but it works to make it smooth again)
    Yes, we went to someone in RIncón and we highly recommend him -Dr. Tacorante aka Dr. Taco :-) . Spanish is not totally necessary. The staff all try to speak English and the Dr. speaks it really well. I think you would do fine, but if you need me let me know. :-)

  5. chas bartholomew

    Is there a current or potential future need for well trained dentists who wish to treat ex-mainland (US) patients? Just curious if practicing there on a semi-retired basis would be worthwhile. Seriously considering Caribean area for semi-retirement,,thanks

    1. Jimmy

      I like to know how much wood in plants cost lower and upper or put two implants in the front and lower and make dentures to connect would that be cheaper

  6. Paul Patin

    We are interested in a vacation to Puerto Rico, if we are able to converse with your dentist to see if my wife can get her teeth fixed while there. I could send a list of dental procedures that will be necessary for my wife’s dental problems.
    Please let me know how I can call and speaks to some one with the list of procedure.

    Liz Patin By Paul Patin

  7. Redd Gardner

    I have been looking into dental implants and I’m overwhelmed at all the options . CostaRica sounds good , BUT I can get free ride to Puerto Rico . Sooo, if theres any advice on who to see and where to stay , I’d really appreciate any info .
    Redd in Seneca SC


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