How to Make Microwave Popcorn with a Paper Bag

Posted by Cassie

Britton and I try to eat pretty healthfully. I definitely have a sweet tooth and he has a salty tooth (if there is such a thing), but overall we try to watch what we eat. His family has a propensity toward diabetes, and my family has a history of cancer. My dad, his brother (my uncle) and his dad (my grandfather) all died of cancer at early ages.

So I try to avoid anything that has been linked to cancer -such as tobacco products, processed meats like hot dogs, even colas (the caramel coloring). All of these are known “junk” trash foods, but I recently read a report that said the perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in lining of the microwave popcorn bags could cause all sorts of things from infertility to cancer.  I have come to believe that any sort of American food, fast food, convenience food -and their packaging!- is suspect.

Anyhow, I looked into how I could still eat popcorn and just not eat the prepackaged chemical-ridden microwave popcorn anymore. I found that you can very easily do it yourself with just a brown paper bag. Britton didn’t believe me. He said there was a reason they sold microwave popcorn in the little bags or else everyone would just do it themselves. So, we decided to try it out ourselves. We had a little bet between ourselves. Guess who won? :-) Check it out!


Yep, it worked! Britton was shocked when we first heard the pops. And it tasted great. Just like air-popped popcorn. It didn’t have any of the fake butter flavor. You can add whatever you want to it or just eat it plain. As I mentioned in the video, popcorn is a great food. Just not the convenience microwave bags that are sold. Popcorn is a whole grain full of fiber. It’s a great snack because just a little food poofs up to quite a bit making it seem like you are eating more than you really are.  Me encantan las palomitas!

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Microwave Popcorn with a Paper Bag

  1. Daniel

    Hi, just wanted to give you a heads up the popcorn you might be using. The other issues you should be aware of is GMO foods. The popping corn you use should be organic and non- GMO. I personaly make my own popcorn on the stovetop using alittle olive oil and it’s healthier and tastes so much better than that grease they’re putting in those bags. The majority of health issues are directly related to the fast food diets we have adopted as a society for the sake of convenience.I’ve seen it happening in Rincon and the rest of PR not to mention all the health issues facing a growing generation in the US. Most can be traced to diet. Don’t forget exercise

  2. Cassie Post author

    Daniel, thanks for the comment! You’re my kind of guy! I agree with you 100% about the sad state of modern food and the fact that Americans have “exported” our horrendous diet (in the form of GMO, processed, fast and junk food) is atrocious.

    I’ll have to try the stove-top version too. What type of pan do you use?

  3. Daniel

    Hi Cassie, I usually use a 6qt. stainless steel pan, stay away from anything aluminum when it comes to cooking unless it’s on the outside of the pan.
    The other issue with the bagged popcorn is the (butter flavor) added for those that like butter on their popcorn.stay away from that stuff. Better off with real organic butter if that’s a must. good luck and happy popping. looking forward to running in to you in rincon if your visiting this year. I’ll be down there this may and june working on my project. I’m looking to relocate myself.

  4. Cassie

    I had heard about one type of popcorn flavoring causing “Popcorn Lung” which I thought was sto strange. If we use butter we use real butter, not fake margarine or anything like that.
    It’s so great to hear from you! Thanks for dropping a comment! That bottle looks pretty fancy! Olive oil is really good for you too.


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