Greeley: The Exact Opposite of Hawaii

Posted by Britton

We were watching South Park (the TV show) the other night.  It’s a pretty famous show and we were kind of surprised to see that Greeley had made it into one of the episodes!  It wasn’t in the best light, but nothing on that show is.  So just being included is an honor of sorts.  Here is a clip:

We kind of feel the same way, that Greeley is the exact opposite of a tropical island, which is why Puerto Rico came into the picture.  Granted PR isn’t Hawaii either, but it’s along the same lines of year round warm weather, surfing, palm trees and tropical living.  It gets pretty cold here in Greeley during the winter which is the opposite.  We are at 5,000 feet ASL and are land locked, etc.

Being the opposite isn’t all bad, in fact it is very pretty here when it snows and both Cassie and I have very fond memories of growing up here during the winter.  When it snows I get flooded with those memories like playing tackle football in the street after a good snow with neighborhood friends, sledding, building snow forts and having snow ball fights,etc.   It’s not all bad to be the opposite of Hawaii or Puerto Rico. But it is a lot colder!!

When I got up for work on Friday I was met with a sign from the universe.   On the back of my car I have one of those Rincon 413 Road to Happiness window stickers on my rear windshield (you see them often in Rincon).  It reminds me of our goals from time to time and has given me mental energy when I need it most.  Like when I am working on a rental after work and on weekends, it’s a reminder that I am doing all this extra work for a reason.  Well I think the universe gave me a sign that I am on the right path.  It was around 0 degrees Fahrenheit on this day.

Scraping Windows Occurs EVERY Morning These Days

Ahhh yes, the daily routine of getting out of a warm bed taking a HOT shower then getting into a freezing cold car.  Scrape the windows so you can see out, start it up and get it warmed up.  Once warm you can defrost the rest of the windows with the heater and the rear defroster.   Sometimes when you pull away from it’s parking spot you can feel the tires breaking their ice bond to the pavement.   At highway speeds sometimes the frost is hard to keep off even with the heater on high!  You always want to have a big coat, hat and gloves in your car too in case you break down.  Wouldn’t want to freeze to death.

Me and a 3ft long Icicle I found

I can’t imagine a lot of people scraping windows in Puerto Rico or  Although the humidity when it rains might be considered the closest in comparison.  I’ve had the windows fog up in PR when it’s raining.

Speaking of heaters every house here has a large one, the furnace.  It’s most likely the most essential thing a house needs here.  Without it, you could freeze to death but your plumbing would definitely freeze and break.  In Puerto Rico it’s not uncommon to have un-buried water lines sitting right on top of the ground.   You’d NEVER do that here!

There are lots of things that make Greeley the exact opposite of tropical locations and that’s ok.  It’s just different and we want to try out the tropics for a while.

We thought it would be funny to take a picture by one of Greeley’s welcome signs. It looks a lot like the one they put in the show, except it doesn’t actually say, Greeley: The exact opposite of Hawaii.

Cassie and Cartman in Greeley

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