Chickens Eat Mice!

Posted by Cassie

This is kind of disturbing and slightly disgusting. But this morning as I was grabbing a banana on my way to work, I looked out the back door and saw Kitty really interested in something in the grass. As I watched, I saw him pounce on something and come up with a mouse in his mouth. I wanted to get a picture of our little mouser, so I grabbed my camera and went outside. When he heard the door open he kind of freaked out and dropped the mouse and couldn’t find it. I could see it just sitting still in the grass.

As I approached it to see if it was still alive like I thought, it bounced up and tried to scurry away. I put the camera to “record” and just watch what happens….

I have seen them get little baby mice before, but never a full-sized one like this. It was like I was on the Discovery channel or something.  You can tell I was kind of grossed out watching it, but utterly fascinated that a chicken could do this! Kitty was kind of like, wow…I’m not going to get involved in that… If anyone tells you chickens are vegetarians, you can remind them of this video! Chickens are not ferocious to you or me, but watch out if you are a mouse!

Henrietta with her catch of the day

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4 thoughts on “Chickens Eat Mice!

  1. claire

    I always wonder about that when I’m at the store and I see the cartons labeled “vegetarian fed”. It seems sad to deprive an omnivore, doesn’t it?

  2. katrinakruse

    They will eat dead chicks and their own eggs too. They run around and tear out after each other and when finished, our guys wipe their beaks in the grass.

  3. Don Graham

    Today, I witnesses my chickens run down a small field mouse and fight over it until one hen finally got control of it . She run away with “it” long enough to gulp it down. I never suspect them of such behavior. I have heard that they are related to the dinasour. Now I am a believer.

  4. Don Graham

    Chicken are really fast runners and a so a group they are like a pack of wolves and could easily box in a poor little mouse. Just like in the movie Jurassic Park. My birds have an automatic feeder and always have all the feed that they want. They are natural born predators .They love the chase and a variety of food in their diet. Yesterday I finally saw them catch and devour a mouse.


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