Ramseier Farm Park Ribbon Cutting

Posted by Cassie

Britton and I rode our bikes to the Greeley Ramseier Farm Park Ribbon Cutting this morning. This is a new park in our area on “C” Street in Greeley that is only about one block away (yes, we could have walked but Britton wanted to bike). The reason it is called a “Farm Park” is because the Ramseier Family, who are family friends, used to farm this whole area including our subdivision where our house is located. We often take walks or bike rides at night around this park, even before it was officially dedicated with the ribbon cutting.

Ramseier Farm Park Ribbon Cutting

Ramseier Farm Park Ribbon Cutting

While we were there we talked with a couple of the Greeley City Council members about our backyard hens.  We thought it was quite fitting that we were able to talk with them at the “Farm Park” of all places. After our good coalition meeting on Thursday night and having decided on our goal and some of our strategies, I was fired up to approach our local civic leaders. At the ribbon cutting, the city council members seemed open to discussing the issue, and one council member was very friendly to us and I will definitely be voting for him for mayor: Ed Phillipsen. He has always been thoughtful, friendly, helpful and willing to listen. He is not the typical politician and seems to truly care about the marginalized populations of our community. Unfortunately he will be running against the local country club favorite.

We also found out at the ribbon cutting that the backyard hen issue might be discussed very soon at an upcoming city council work session.  I’ll let you know when I know more.

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