No Business like Show Business

Posted by Cassie

The amazing thing about a complete lifestyle overhaul is that you really have no full idea of what you may be doing from one day to the next and that is part of the appeal! A completely new set has been built for us to write our newest parts and dramas to our life including many unique characters. And this is not just a metaphor…

Since our move we have met so many varied and incredible people with all sorts of talents and histories. Two of those people are our new friends Jon and Rachel Meyer.

They are film-makers, video editors, producers, directors, musicians and all around fun people who have brought us such local recent hits as the Disfunction music video “Johnny” as well as the awesomely absurb webisode series “All Four Love” and have won many commercial video contests. And we are so grateful to call them our friends.

Anyhow, we have been working with them on a few of their projects in various ways: as extras or playing small roles, or even in a larger ongoing project (hint, hint).

Waiting to film small 1
Photo Hint Number 2 of our big project

The most recent one I was a part of was for a short comedy film written, produced and directed by them. I play a local gossip and doctor’s patient trying to get the good dirt. It is a pretty hilarious movie and my scene makes me laugh already just thinking about it.

Filming small
You never know where you may end up when you say “SURE!”

When I was a small child, my dad used to have a landscaping business in the summer and a snow shoveling business in the winter. When I would go out with him in the truck in the winter he used to sing “There is no business like snow business” and it wasn’t until years later that I found out about the original song.

Now that I have worked with Jon and Rachel on some of these projects, I can say that there is definitely no business like SHOW BUSINESS. No business I know. Stay tuned for more…!

A Quick Stop at Corcega Beach

Posted by Cassie

We have been staying pretty busy lately but this past week was just too hot to get much done. We have both the fans running and the baby pool has been a lot of fun to cool off in, but one day we just had to go to the beach for a quick dip and lunch.

Lunch at Corcega

We went to Corcega Beach and basically had the whole place to ourselves. It is another very beautiful beach with crystalline blue waters.

Our little lunch spot in the shade

We ate lunch and then jumped in the water for a little snorkeling. We hadn’t been in 15 minutes when we heard thunder rumbling in the distance. It was like a Corn Pops commercial…where we had gotten hot enough to leave and go swimming and then it rained like crazy cooling everything down.

Here comes the rain clouds from the south!

We rushed back to the truck just in time before we would have been soaked. It was a quick stop at Corcega Beach, but we will be back soon!

New Spearfisherman

Posted by Britton

Being new to a hobby or sport can be frustrating, expensive and possibly very time consuming.  With that said I have picked up spearfishing.  I describe it as “snorkeling with a purpose.”

My First Fish

Snorkeling was already fairly new to me, I had only gone a few times while on vacations.  I always enjoyed looking at the creatures that are beneath the surface and wondered if you can eat them and if so, which ones were the tastiest?  Traditional fishing with a rod and reel hasn’t ever really appealed to me; it is a slow pace and you don’t really have any idea as to what is going on beneath the surface.  Spearfishing in contrast is an action sport where you are very involved with and immersed with and in the environment.

Being a noob (newbie/new/beginner) I am still trying to identify what types of fish are what and what equipment is needed.  I got a Hawaiian sling from a local store and have a mask, snorkel and fins.  The Hawaiian sling is a spear with an elastic band that you wrap around your hand and use to propel the spear thru the water.  It gives you about a 3 foot reach or so which means you still need to get pretty close to the fish to spear them.

BK at Beach
Dinner for some lucky birds

I went out today and snagged two small fish (I figure I can feed what I can’t eat to the chickens and turkeys).  I wasn’t sure what they were, but they didn’t look too exotic.  After asking my friend I think one is a blue runner and the other is a mojarra (See below pic)

2 fish

The best part of being new to a hobby is having fun with being new.  Catching any fish for me is a thrill and I am already getting better and better!  My expectations are pretty low and easy to meet.  However I am already finding that I don’t want these small target fish anymore.  I want to spear a larger fish and pan fry it for lunch afterward!  Just like anything, step by step.

A Meal from the Yard

Posted by Cassie

While the cost of food in the grocery stores here can be pretty expensive, it balances out because of all the food you can grow or find growing around the island.

We are still learning about all the different local fruits and edibles around, but one day we were pretty low on food in the fridge, but the pantry of our yard made for a full meal.

The starch component of our meal came from our large breadfruit tree out front.

Bredfruit small

We had noticed quite a few breadfruits growing, but there are a lot less recently and so we have been eating them when they are not quite mature. We think quite a few people around this area know about our huge mango tree, the breadfruit tree and the quenepa tree. We have found people on two different occasions hacking through the vines on our property to collect quenepas!

Fruits small

Breadfruit (or pana in Spanish) is a direct substitute for potatoes. We simply cut off the green skin as well as the inner core. The spongy white part is what you use to eat and prepare just like you would potatoes. For this meal from the yard we made them into little squares and lightly fried them in coconut oil until they were crispy and golden.

For the protein part of the meal, we cooked up some of our eggs. We are now eating eggs at nearly every meal since we are currently bringing in about 6-10 eggs a day (and that will be still be increasing)! It is not hard to do because these eggs are so rich, delicious and creamy.

And finally the fruit/veggie portion of the meal: passionfruit, coconut, mango and quenepas. A full square meal straight from the yard. No grocery store required! Yum!

Breakfast small
Scrambled eggs with hash brown breadfruit with a side of raw coconut, quenepa and passionfruit as well as a cup of mango slices with parcha juice and shredded coconut -and of course a cup of Puerto Rican coffee!