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Felicidades (at least 65 Percent)

Posted by Cassie

AEE sign 3 molestos
This sign says: It is time to have electricity. We are upset and have not seen work crews. The generator costs money and we are broke!

It is amazing how much better life feels with electricity and water. I will never take those basic services of modern life for granted again. We are only two people of about 65% of the island that currently has power however.

AEE sign 2
Another sign notifying the electric company of a house that still has no power

It is sort of strange how and where the power is distributed. For instance, our neighborhood was the first one in Puntas to get reconnected, and now, nearly a month later the nearest road to us still doesn’t have it. The patchwork connection is frustrating for those without. Just because you see your neighbor connected doesn’t mean you will be.

AEE is out there doing their best!

Still this doesn’t stop the Christmas spirit. Puerto Rico is well-known for the length and type of fun celebrating during the Navidad season. We have been enjoying spending time with friends and going to various events and get-togethers.

Britton with flower bunch  Flanthony   Britton Coral

Tommy tuna poke Kim Party Kim and Cassie Fun socks
Tooting In the barrio Christmas pool day
Christmas Crop

Chrstmas Party fun

Steps beach sunset Steps party
Winter Solstice Party at Steps Beach

Pretty J Britton playingPicturesque scenes

Britton and Cassie cabin
Enjoying nice nights out

Cassie and Blue Santa
And the Christmas Spirit of Puerto Rico

When we are not out celebrating, we have been working on the property. We have added some water tubing to irrigate the gardens more and have found more plants to add to the collection. Now that it isn’t raining very often, the work is a little easier because things aren’t growing quite as fast.

Tarantula in the gardens

Iguanas out en force!

Flower bunch short hike around the property for this beautiful tropical bouquet

Uprighting palm tree

Uprighting a coconut palm took quite some doing!

It feels that the more people who receive power, the more powerful and happy people are as well. The general sadness that we saw immediately after and for the first month or two has shifted over the hump to a general happiness. At least 65%. Christmas and holiday spirit has lifted even the lowest spirits some, but we are all still awaiting the full glory of island life once again. The clean-up continues, but overall things are looking more and more beautiful every day.

Trash pile
One of the piles of post-hurricane household rubbish

Christmas day
And a serene Christmas moment at dusk


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Beautiful Rincón: Tres Palmas Peace

Posted by Cassie

Cow sunset
A classic shot I took from Facebook. I wish I knew who the photographer was to give credit.

Our favorite drive in Rincón is around the point and down through Tres Palmas. Often there are cows and donkeys peacefully enjoying the field with tall coconut palm trees swaying in the distance. And when the waves are up, it’s a great place to scope them out as they crash and send salt spray to aromatize the air. Every time we drive past there or stop to go to Steps Beach I remind myself what a magically gorgeous place this is and how fortunate we are to live here. I think nearly all of us here in Rincón hope that this piece of land stays just as it is. For cows – not condos!

Britton view Cassie 3 palmas
Checking out Tres Palmas from the road

Sunset 3
Ripples and fronds

The cows are pretty friendly and docile

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3rd Christmas Pig Roast on the Beach

Posted by Cassie

We had another great Christmas pig roast on the beach. This year marked our 3rd time at this party! It’s always so much fun to be at the beach on Christmas. Some people love a white, snowy Christmas, but I can’t think of a better place than here to celebrate! Here are a few fun pictures and of course a video.

Christmas day in Rincón

Friends on the beach!

Don’t need anything but a swimsuit, drinks and some music!

With our friend Jeff

I love this smiling guy! (Thanks to Daisy for this pic)

And a nice sunset!

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Loving February Plus Heliconias!

Posted by Cassie

Back in Colorado February was by far my least favorite month. The novelty of snow and cold had long since worn off, the holidays and the excitement they bring were over and cabin fever began to set in big time. It was cold and dark and everything was just waiting…waiting for spring and life again. I would often read the seed catalogs and long for spring and gardening, being outside, spending time with friends and just enjoying the beautiful warm days of summer.

Cassie and Turkeys
Playing outside in the winter. Two turkeys at a time! Just like pelicans! :-)

But now, we basically live an endless summer. I don’t even really think about those cold Colorado days much anymore except what I hear from my friends and family. Nowadays it’s flipflops and shorts year round. It does get a bit “chilly” here now that we are acclimated. I snuggle with a small blanket at night now and I like the slightly warmed water in the shower. But all the doors and windows are open. There are no heaters or humidifiers and it just feels perfect. It’s the type of weather you don’t even really notice because you are just so comfortable in your own skin. I know some people really like the changing of the seasons and the cold, but for me, I couldn’t be happier in always warm weather. I guess it’s sort of like Mondays now. I used to dread Mondays because I loved the weekends so much, now Mondays are just another lovely day. Every day here is a Saturday in summer!

Megan and Me
Pool parties in February -with my wonderful friend Megan

Things are very much still alive here! There is less rain in February so the yard work diminishes and while some of the grasses turn brown waiting for water, for some plants like these heliconias, it is their time to shine! The whales are visiting Rincón and other animals like the turkeys and chickens are preparing for their spring babies.

Bright Heliconias
Explosion of color in these heliconias -thanks to starts from our friends Missy and Ben

What a contrast to the grey, dark and cold Februarys. I am still so much in love with living here that I feel more alive and vibrant myself every day.

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