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Bote Millan and More Exploration

Posted by Cassie

It had been something of a rough week emotionally, so Britton and I thought some Vitamin Sea might be just what the doctor ordered. Which beach should we explore? There are so many beaches in Rincón, but we often go to the same ones all the time which normally are the north beaches near our house. So instead, we chose to go down south near Corcega and Almendros Beach.

BK Float

Britton walking out of water
Britton enjoying the warm Caribbean waters

I have seen the Millan Boat from afar before, but I have never gone and explored it. From what I understand it was built in the mid 20th century by Mr. Emiliano “Millan” Altiery as an homage to the fishermen profession.

Bote Millan
Bote Millan from a distance

Cassie walking
Wow! Up close it looks a lot like a boat!

Cassie bote flag
Another cool place to take photos

Britton mystery Cassie under bote
And look snazzy whilst drinking our morning coffee

Cassie Bote Millan
Up on top it really did feel like a boat!

Cassie bote
Ahoy, mateys!

Right nearby I noticed a cool swing! Being the adventurer that I am, I had to take a ride! Swinging on a coconut palm while the waves crashed next to a small river outlet reminds me how much my life seems like a dream and this is the carnival scene.

Cassie swing 2
Swinging to the sea!

Cassie swing river
Over the river

After swimming a bit more we began to get hungry. We packed up our beach chairs and headed down the road in the Millennium Falcon, our nickname for the warp-speeding Mustang. We picked up a pollo asa’o sandwich, chatted with a friend and then blasted off to find a little deserted beach in Añasco.

Car context
The Mill Falcon on a new planet

Cassie walk in jungle
Exploring paths unknown

Cassie jungleDeep in the jungle

All in all, I’d say it helped us perk up a bit to remember what a beautiful place and time we get to live.

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Tour of El Galeón Andalucia

Posted by Cassie

CK BK Galleon

We had some errands to run in Mayaguez and heard that the replica Spanish galleon ship was in town once again. We’ve tried to check it out before and it has been closed, but on this day we lucked out!

It’s a huge ship!

The tour was completely free and we had access to almost all parts of the boat. It is a working/traveling boat, and very authentic. It was cool to imagine the voyage it would have taken to go from Europe to the “new world” hundreds of years ago. With over 150 people on board it would have been stinky, hot and uncomfortable for the long journey. And if you were not the captain, the quarters in the hot lower decks would have been horrendous. I also thought about the slave trade and how terrible it would have been to be kidnapped and transported on a ship like this. Looking back now this seems like a quaint memory but in the time of pirates, slaves, and looting it would have been quite a moment in history.

Big Britton Wheel  Cassie stair down

Cows nest
Crow’s nest! Ahoy mateys!

Cassie ropes
You’d have to be pretty good with ropes to work on a ship like this!

Captains quaters
Best part of the boat!

Cassie shipIt’s a pirate life for me!

CK BK ship

Here’s a little video walk through of the Andalucia. Enjoy!


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3rd Christmas Pig Roast on the Beach

Posted by Cassie

We had another great Christmas pig roast on the beach. This year marked our 3rd time at this party! It’s always so much fun to be at the beach on Christmas. Some people love a white, snowy Christmas, but I can’t think of a better place than here to celebrate! Here are a few fun pictures and of course a video.

Christmas day in Rincón

Friends on the beach!

Don’t need anything but a swimsuit, drinks and some music!

With our friend Jeff

I love this smiling guy! (Thanks to Daisy for this pic)

And a nice sunset!

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Festival Yunta de Bueyes 2016

Posted by Cassie

We went down to the Yunta de Bueyes Festival again this year. This was one of the very first festivals we attended when we moved to Puerto Rico in 2013. While Rincón may be thought of as a gringo haven, you wouldn’t know it by this festival as we saw probably only about 3 other gringos the whole time.

Festival with the parade of bueyes (oxen)

We had planned on just going to the park but we must have picked the right time as the parade was just starting. So we were able to watch a lot of the parade and then walk to Plaza Amistad. There were a few oxen, lots of horses and even more cars and tractors. We even saw a Lamborghini…which seemed quite odd in this rural traditional scene.


We took a little side shoot down to Playa Lala on our way to the festival because in Rincón you are never far from the beach.

At Playa Lala Rincón

Getting pulled along during the parade

At the festival we saw more oxen, ate some pasteles, arroz con gandules, drank some Medallas, listened to music and wandered around looking at all the booths and people.

Check out this guy’s mustache!!

Mmm pasteles, arroz con gandules y ensalada

Like stepping back in time!

When these oxen pushed against me I wasn’t so sure the stick would hold them there!

And check out this decked out bicycle!

The party never ends here in Puerto Rico! Especially at Christmastime.

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