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Random Photo Update: Life in Toon Town

Posted by Cassie

Here are a few photos that don’t probably deserve a post on their own but are just a part of the slice of life living in Puerto Rico. Sometimes the scenes and places we end up just seem so surreal, like we are living in a dream or some sort of cartoon. Sometimes it’s very strange, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s just strikingly beautiful. But whatever it is, we’re living it up!

Palm Tree Cassie
The beach is always right around the corner

Ardilla Mongoose crop
I finally got a photo of the mongoose! The little egg bandit!

Turkey bridgeTurkeys need to cross bridges too! This particular guy is the hope for the future of our turkeys. The last surviving male.

We are harvesting more and more of our own fruit from the finca like this corazón, a fruit that looks like a heart

And these interesting bilimbes that are juicy and so sour but leave a cool buttery taste in your mouth

More plants
And we went out and got some more plants too!

I forgot to mention that Kitty is adapting well to the move over to the cabin too

Cassie Aquario
Out and about there is always something cool to see and do

Barrita Los cocos
Like this little Coconut Barrita

Hibiscus Flor
Or this amazing hibiscus flower right in the plaza that took my breath away

Britton and beer
Check out the view from this roadside liquor store

Mannequin house
And there is nothing like the bottom half of a naked mannequin to draw attention to your store! :-)

Britton congas
One of the conga players from the balneario came down and practiced with us in the jam space!

There’s never a shortage of spectacular sunsets here!

Marina Sunset

Sangria Cassie
And new spots to check out like Pal Monte

Cassie Ultimo Brinco stand
Which is just up the road from El Ultimo Brinco, Rincon’s little waterfall spot

Cassie wanted  Anthony Loops and Cassie
Or at the restaurant Cowboys which is like a little slice of Colorado in Rincón (with friend and musician, Anthony Lee). They even have rodeos here!

Cowboys Rubberneckers
And we got to see our friends play some country music – the Rubberneckers

Viking B
And if Puerto Rico is like Toon Town, we are now part of the loony fabric too! Here’s Viking man at the beach!

Cassie contemplating coco
Or the contemplation of a coconut in an abandoned house without a roof

Colorful downtown
And everything is so colorful!

Bienvenidos a rincon
Rincón even has the cartoon-like welcome signs!

Cassie rock
And did I mention the beach is around every corner?

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¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Bienvenido 2017

Posted by Cassie

Here we are, another year gone by. Each year that passes we have an opportunity to reflect on the one before and plan for what’s to come. For us, this has been a year of many beautiful moments and also many challenges and hard work. We are hopeful for what the new year brings. As we finish up the cabin and get the cabana ready for visitors, we move to another level in our property and goals here. We are also evolving in our relationships: in the band, in our friendships and family and in our marriage. We hope that your 2016 was a good one and that 2017 brings you joy and all the lessons you need to fulfill you on your journey!

Feliz Año Nuevo from Cassie and Britton!

This New Year’s Eve we ran some errands and then jammed with the band. Later that evening we went out to La Copa Llena for the countdown and party. It’s a beautiful place near the Marina where the ocean laps peacefully at the soft sand beach. Here are some photos of the day and evening.

Turning a corner in The Corner (Rincón)

Jamming with our new member, Tod

Britton stepping out of a 1940′s Jazz Bar

Poniendome elegante. Dressing up for the countdown!

britton-grapes grapes-countdown
12 grapes for the 12 months of the year

Fun with friends

colin-and-cassie colincassiewill
Even some of the cast of Saturday Night Live would rather be in Rincón than New York City over New Year’s! (With Colin Jost and Will Forte)

What opportunities are knocking this year?

La despedida del año

Wishing you love, health and prosperity for 2017!

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Masquerade Ball and Rincón Halloween 2016

Posted by Cassie

Halloween in Rincón means the start of season and the buzz is electric.

This year Halloween day fell on a Monday which would probably usually mean a pretty mellow Halloween. But not in Rincón! Here it meant a 5 day marathon. Rincón takes on Halloween the way the rest of Puerto Rico does Christmas. The festivities are intense! The first parties started on Thursday because of Art Walk and continued on until Monday.

Mysterious masquerade ball

Our band decided to have a masquerade ball at beautiful Villa Orleans featuring some of our new songs that we’ve worked on all summer. We figured that masks are an easy, elegant and fun way to celebrate without using your Halloween costume. The party was great. The location was amazing. Our music rocked and people were dancing next to crashing waves. It was magical.

La maga, the ringmaster


lauryn-daisy-cassie masked-people singers britton-and-tom
ricia-and-marci cynthia-troy

party-picWhat a fun night!

So fun!! Videos thanks to Jeff and Luis and some of the photos thanks to various friends 

Party night!

Check out Britton AKA Aloysius busting some moves on Rapture

fire-lauryn-3And we had an extra special performance by my friend Lauryn, the fire dancer!

Hypnotic flames!

After that late night we were pretty worn out and didn’t go out to the Friday or Saturday parties around town. Saturday was probably the busiest of the days with parties at The Beach House, Calypso, El Bohio and of course the big one at Tamboo. We did however recuperate our energy enough to go out on Halloween evening. We weren’t sure how it would be since it was a little rainy, but sure enough the party was in swing!

I went as ”Stormy” the rain storm and Britton went as the guru Aloysius Von Funk

cassie-rain-costume-crop     renee-and-cassie

edward-scissorhands shipwreck-party frida-vampire-cassie fred-pedro-pica-britton
Party animals!

The Shipwreck party is always so much fun. People are just plain silly. There’s a DJ playing dance music while people get sweaty dancing on the white gravel. The bar is right down from the marina so the party spills out into the street and down to the beach. The best thing is that the costumes can get downright crazy!

Here I am protecting myself from an unwanted “grab” by Trump

And this guy won first place in the costume contest!!

The night ended at the relative early hour of midnight since it was a Monday. The police came and peacefully broke the party up. We talked with the friendly police for a while and I said, “Me gusta su disfraz” and he replied, “¡Pero no es un disfraz!” And we both laughed! Claro que no…jaja.

In character!

Another great kick off to the season!

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Winding Down and Winding Up to the Season

Posted by Cassie

The Sahara dust that the wind carries with storms over the ocean limits visibility and creates hazy days, but also spectacular sunsets and sunrises

Here in Rincón we are now in the midst of the transition to “season.” Season, as people here call it, is the tourist season. Surf’s up and it’s cold up north, so many North Americans and others come to Rincón and Puerto Rico in general during the winter.


But right now, early October, we are in the transition. A few people are trickling in, but overall the roads are still nice and unclogged, the beaches are empty and the days are slow and lazy. Britton and I have acclimated to the temperature (by NOT using air conditioning and losing some weight) and need little more than a fan and a nice cold beverage to stay comfortable.

At a beach near 3 Hermanos

It’s just as beautiful as ever. Because we really have nothing to gain by the season we have never really cared one way or another, but this year we are looking forward to it a little more because our band has been practicing all summer for it and also because our cabin should be finished soon and we can rent out our little cabana that we’ve been living in.

britton-chris-doors-cabin toilet and sink
Britton and Chris installing the interior doors and also finishing up the bathroom

Our little cabana will be available for rent soon! contact us if interested!

Practicing on the keys at a jam

Checking out some costuming ideas too! Halloween is the official start of season and a lot of fun in Rincón! How do you like this look?

Or how about this one in a pink wig?

When we’re not working on the cabin or jamming with the band, we’ve been enjoying our days just as always.

And there’s still always some new and weird thing to see! Yes, this car has horns! Literal horns.

Palm silhouettes in a fiery sunset

Our beautiful friend Isabella at DAR’s weekly horse class near Sandy Beach

Jangueando con amigos Walter y Pedro

Enjoying a girls’ night out at Villa Cofresí (I swear I’m not that tan!)

Just playing around with some cute kiddos at the Lazy Parrot!

up-on-the-roof-with-missy-and-benSunday morning brunch at our house with our friends the VanEes

A clear tropical day at our finca

It’s a time of preparation and also relaxation. Enjoying the calm before the storm. When the tourists and part-timers (seasonal people) come everything becomes more electric and exciting, the humidity drops a bit and the days become crystalline, but it also means that the stores run out of certain things, prices tend to get a little crazy, the roads are more dangerous and people can unwittingly (or wittingly) be a little annoying and arrogant. Still, I happily accept this seasonal change over the snow, wind, gloomy dark and cold any day though.

Fireball into the sea

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