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Last Week: A Few Cool Things

Posted by Cassie

In addition to the awesome day trips we took to Wilderness, Ponce and Maricao, we also had lots of fun in Rincón at the Spanish Wall, Farmer’s Market, Art Walk, at a couple of events and just hanging out at the house. Here are a few snapshots that didn’t quite make it into a post on their own, but that were pretty cool.

Kitty resting
We all love an afternoon catnap

I found this graffiti somewhat ironic because it says to take care of your beach and not leave trash -but apparently graffiti is ok

Music and palms from the beach
We listened to reggae on the beach one night

And had fun hula hooping to the beats (Yah Frances and Theresa)

Another night we listened to our friend Jessika rock it with her band at a local bar

Colors of skin
Friends come in many shades!

Mosquito net
Mosquito nets are helpful in a cabin without doors or windows

So tiny crab
And we found the tiniest little hermit crab you’ve ever seen

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Snapshots of Life Now

Posted by Cassie

Not many words are needed. Here are a few snapshots of our day yesterday.

Cassie and the turkeysJust hanging out with some particularly friendly turkeys

Swinging BK
Britton literally hanging out

Heliconia and palm
Surrounded by beauty

Pretty Kitty
A pretty Kitty

Tina Turner Singing
And a funny Tina Turner chicken named Grandma singing ”What’s Looove got to do with it?”

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Chirping Motivation

Posted by Cassie

Exotic Chick
The free exotic chick is a feathered leg breed

Now that we are hosting the Future Egg-Layers of America (or at least a few in Rincón, Puerto Rico) with us in a plastic tub in our 300 sq. foot cabana along with Kitty we are starting to max out space and feel the chirping motivation to start on the chicken coop. Everyone gets along fine in the cabana including Kitty because he is used to us having chicks in the house from when we had them in Greeley.

Chicks and Kitty
Kitty is more jealous than hungry, though he looks to be plotting something here

The plan is to move them from the cabana into the bath tub that was left over from the bathroom take-down in about 2 weeks and then at about 2 months into the coop. When they are full-sized chickens (around 4-6 months) we will then let them free range and use the coop as a night shelter and laying area. Area for coop
Kitty and the area we have chosen for the coop

We also plan on growing their supplemental food for when they need a little extra in addition to all the juicy bugs and grasses they will find, like this venomous centipede we found in the area we were clearing for the coop. More motivation for getting them outside and pecking away: fewer of these things! Yeek



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Posted by Cassie

The theme of the last few days has been Chopped. Chopped is one of our favorite shows, so we download it and watch it on the laptop when we need a break. It is a fun show that starts with a mystery basket of four strange ingredients and the chefs are supposed to create tasty, creative meals with them. It is a lot like how we cook here. You never know what new interesting ingredients will be at the store or what they will be out of or what we will find on the property, and since we have no stove, we always have to think of creative uses. Lately it has been chopped veggies, rice, fish and ginger all thrown together in the rice cooker for lunch (and sometimes dinner) and chopped coconuts (and coconut water) and starfruit with coffee for breakfast.

Farm-fresh breakfast!

But beyond TV shows, the Chopped theme has been present in other ways as well. Britton managed to process all the wood from the torn down deck bathroom by separating the good pieces that will be used for the chicken/turkey coop and chopping and bagging all the unusable pieces.

Lots of bags=lots of work

Kitty and the saw
Kitty even helped out a little in his supervisory capacities making sure everything was safe with the chop saw

When that was all finished, we went on to the next chopping project of chopping down more trees to clear the land for our orchard and poultry. Britton had been doing it all by hand with just a handsaw or bowsaw and while he was getting much stronger and faster, it was still a slow process. At Home Depot we saw a chainsaw marked down from over $200 to $99 and so we thought that would be very helpful. It also makes the job inherently more dangerous and while Britton took safety precautions, he still managed to chop a little portion of the tip of his thumb when we was adjusting the chain blades.

But that was a much better warning than if the machine had been on. One day we worked for about 6 hours under these trees. I used the loppers and took down the small trees and vines that are under 2 inches in diameter and cleared the area for Britton to work chopping and piling. I also took the hose around to all our baby transplant trees. This property will take everything that we have, but it is becoming more and more manageable every day and we enjoy the work, believe it or not.

BK Saw
Like a hot knife through butter…the work is much easier with a chainsaw

We still have lots to do -all these trees need to come down (Britton is in white below)
Click image to enlarge


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