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Status Update from Puerto Rico

Posted by Britton

Well I have been driving around all day and met with a few realitors. The good news is that I found everything. GPS is pretty slick and this is the first time I’ve had it. Takes the guess work out of driving around.

The first place I looked at was about what I expected. 11 acres and a house. The house is in pretty good shape and doesn’t look to need any major repairs. The land is more usable than some I’ve seen. There are a few flat spots that you could either build more houses on or could be used for gardening.

The second place was in Rincon. It sits on 4 acres and has 2 houses. The larger one is made out of wood and the small guest house is made from concrete. THe larger wood house has a ‘beach house’ kind of feel to it. It is somewhat concerning because in the tropics wood doesn’t last very long from what I’ve been told. It makes sense. Concrete would seem to stand up to the elements a lot better than a piece of wood that is subject to insects and moisture.

I’ve got a few more places to look at tomorrow, then my flight leaves (very late at night).

It’s been hard to find internet which seems to always happen to me when I am here. The coffee shops were closed and the only place with free wifi was Burger King. I didn’t really want to stop there so I just came back to home base and Katrina let me use their internet.

I just wanted to log in and upload some photos. I should elaborate more on thoughts later on when I have time/energy.

Wood House in Rincon

Wood House in Rincon

House near San Sebastian

House in San Sebastian

Road up to property in San Sebastian

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