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First Time “Surfing”

Posted by Cassie

I went surfing for the first time the other day! We picked up our friend Will and his surfboards and headed out to Domes Beach.  It is summertime and that means there aren’t many waves, but it would be a good chance to practice paddling and sitting on the board in the water without a bunch of people (for my sake and theirs!). I wouldn’t call it exactly surfing…but something like it. I had a surfboard, I paddled and hung out in the water, and I had fun…that’s surfing, right?  :-)

Loaded up truck

Scoping out the beach


Britton tried to surf, but his chest sticks out in the center and causes some discomfort so he’s going to need some sort of guard.

Me out on the board with Desecheo Island in the distance

I easily paddled out and hung out on the board, but I couldn’t stand up or even get on my knees. Takes a lot of practice and balance! Not to mention that waves would be nice too! :-)

Walking back with the board

Another beautiful day at the beach!

Will on the other hand could catch just about any tiny little wave and spent a long time out in the water. Then he and I came back and played in the trees! A fellow monkeyman!

Fun climbing trees!


And hung from the trees some more!

All in all, a fun day “surfing.”


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Surf Sesh with Will

Posted by Cassie

Britton and Will Parking LotsSurfing at “Parking Lots”

Our friend Will plays in the band with us (we call him Will Hendrix) and Britton ran into him at the gas station. “Hey, do you want to go surfing? Let’s go! Right…now! You can borrow a board from me!”

Britton was planning on just getting some gas and then working on the cabin for the rest of the day, but hey, what’s the point of being “jubilated” if you can’t just switch gears at a moment’s notice if you want.

So Will and Britton stopped at home and picked me up and we spent the morning at the beach. Surfing is something new to both of us…in fact, being from landlocked Colorado really means that anything to do with the sea is still somewhat new to us. And surfing is like a whole culture within another culture. Something else we’ve been learning as we live in this little surf town.

Britton and WIll
They watched the waves for a while before heading out

Then they paddled out

The waves were clean but not super big. Still big enough to be a little intimidating for a noob like Britton. Will, on the other hand, is a pro. He rode wave after wave -no problem.

Will surfing
Will’s ride

I hung back watching and taking pictures. What a beautiful morning at the beach!

Cassie Beach
Playing in the water

Britton paddled out and then tried to catch a few. He would come back and talk with me for a while before going out again. Then he came back a final time and said he was worn out from paddling and drinking sea water. I looked down and saw he was bleeding too!

Britton Cut
Scraped on a rock coming in

Will asked if I wanted to go out, but I am still pretty nervous about surfing. I like to go swimming in these waves but they can get pretty gnarly sometimes. I worry about getting smacked with the board or scraped up like Britton. Maybe when it’s a little flatter.

Cassie Surfing 2
This was the extent of my surfing that day

It was fun having someone like Will who is so eager and excited to surf he doesn’t mind being with a couple of kooks like us. What a fun day. I look forward to more surf days like this!

Cassie and Will 2
Me and Will

Britton Man of Sea
Britton’s red chest from paddling

Willand Mom Gyros
Afterward we stopped by the new Gyro place on the 413- Will’s grandma Jackie owns and runs it and it’s delicious!

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