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Giving Thanks

Posted by Cassie

IMG_2063Chickens ranging the property

Gratitude. For so many things. We all go through trials and tribulations in life. It just seems to be the way of the world. And if we compare them to others we may see ours as better or worse. But there will always be someone or something better and always worse. Rather than compare, however, giving thanks seems to open our hearts rather than close them. 

Working around the property

Two days before Thanksgiving we were mowing the field. This takes about five hours of work with both of us on a mower -dueling lawnmowers if you will. It was sweaty, hot work, but one of my more enjoyable chores on the homestead because it magically transforms  a field into a golf-course looking resort. Just as we were resting on the bench admiring our work and giving thanks for water in our pipes to clean up and drink, our neighbor yells down “llego la luz!” The power was back!

IMG_1979Light at the cabin!

Britton had seen the trucks and crews of men descend upon our neighborhood a couple of days before but we didn’t have our hopes too high. But sure enough, when we returned to the cabin the lights, the fans, the fridge! (ahhh ice!) all worked once again. It was amazing the sense of calm and relief that washed over us. A feeling that after almost exactly 2 months without electricity and nearly the same without water, we were nearly through this whole ordeal. The final key will be when the internet is restored, but for now we are bathing in a sense of gratitude as well as water and illumination -literally.

IMG_1988At our friends’ house in Cruces checking out the blimp in the telescope

IMG_1998A wonderful Thanskgiving high atop the world!

We spent Thanksgiving with friends perched high in Cruces overlooking the Rincon peninsula and the patchwork of light throughout that the valley that indicated more or less where the electricity had or hadn’t been restored. And what a feast we had in spite of their lack of electricity and water. We are reminded why we love it here so, despite the constant daily challenges of life here as a stranger in a strange land.

With friends on Thanksgiving 

Having fun playing music

We have friends like the Kersches who have taken us in and loved us as family. We are on a beautiful tropical island that even in times of crisis tiene una buena cara. We have friends and family near and far who care about us. The island is regaining its glory and magnificence just as the trees are sending out more leaves and the flowers bloom. Some areas have lost beach land and palms, but overall our gorgeous lush paradise is Eden once again.

The trees are growing back in strange ways including shooting out branches directly from the trunks

IMG_2069Marina Beach is empty but gorgeous!

Taking a break for a well-deserved swim!

IMG_2045Britton working on the concrete pad

Britton and I have been busy mainly working around the property. We have been clearing, cleaning and planting. We are also doing some small projects. We recently finished the concrete pad on the ridgeline side of the bridge that connects to the cabin. One of our many titles around here includes forest ranger and trail building is a key component in that function. Like the trees and the plants reinvigorating, so are we. And for this and much more we give thanks.

IMG_2066Turkey boy (as we call him) approves of the new pad

A sigh of thanks as the sun sank

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A Happy Friendsgiving and After

Posted by Cassie

Just as we predicted at last year’s Thanksgiving, our first Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico was quite different from Thanksgivings in Colorado.

We were invited by some friends to a “Friendsgiving” which is essentially Thanksgiving with friends rather than family (thanks to our friends Naomi and Sage of Rincón Beer Company, you rock!). And since most of us at the gathering have virtually no family around, it was the perfect idea. As a potluck, each of us brought a dish and two people made turkey.


Because people come to Rincón from all over (Puerto Rico and the world!), they also bring their geographic and culinary experiences. Plus we had a few chefs who made some awesome dishes and I got to try coquito for the first time! Coquito is basically egg nog but made with coconut cream.

Some people told us that Thanksgiving is not very celebrated in Puerto Rico, but in our neighborhood, there was a pretty big party going on. The day before there were bands in the streets and the grocery stores were pretty full.

Friday we went to our friend Miri’s house/studio where she was having an after Thanksgiving sale on her handmade pottery and picked up a few items. Then we stopped by a little nursery and talked with a nice and knowledgeable woman most people call “Mother” about her plants.

Jardin de Mother

We noticed that in the middle of the small “vivero” or nursery she was growing a carambola (starfruit) tree and it was just covered in starfruit. We commented to her that they looked ripe and she said they indeed were but that she just didn’t really care for starfruit and that they often go to waste (que se pierde). She encouraged us to take as many as we wanted for free! We are consistently impressed by the generosity of people here.

Rincon Pottery Bowl
Our new pottery with some of our gifted starfruit and homegrown passionfruit (parcha)

She talked with Britton in Spanish and to his astonishment he answered her in a complete Spanish sentence! He said he felt surprised to hear it just come out of him. Something is sinking in!

We bought a few more plants from her (yes, more plants) and now we have to plant all of those as well as all the other ones we bought from our second expedition to Cabo Rojo’s Jardines Eneida.

Plants from Jardin de Mother

We enjoyed the rest of Friday at home drinking freshly made starfruit juice and working in the garden on a perfect 80 degree November day.

Starfruit juice

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. We missed our families this year but we had a chance to talk with them and it sounds like everyone is doing well. We really have so much to be thankful for.


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