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Bote Millan and More Exploration

Posted by Cassie

It had been something of a rough week emotionally, so Britton and I thought some Vitamin Sea might be just what the doctor ordered. Which beach should we explore? There are so many beaches in Rincón, but we often go to the same ones all the time which normally are the north beaches near our house. So instead, we chose to go down south near Corcega and Almendros Beach.

BK Float

Britton walking out of water
Britton enjoying the warm Caribbean waters

I have seen the Millan Boat from afar before, but I have never gone and explored it. From what I understand it was built in the mid 20th century by Mr. Emiliano “Millan” Altiery as an homage to the fishermen profession.

Bote Millan
Bote Millan from a distance

Cassie walking
Wow! Up close it looks a lot like a boat!

Cassie bote flag
Another cool place to take photos

Britton mystery Cassie under bote
And look snazzy whilst drinking our morning coffee

Cassie Bote Millan
Up on top it really did feel like a boat!

Cassie bote
Ahoy, mateys!

Right nearby I noticed a cool swing! Being the adventurer that I am, I had to take a ride! Swinging on a coconut palm while the waves crashed next to a small river outlet reminds me how much my life seems like a dream and this is the carnival scene.

Cassie swing 2
Swinging to the sea!

Cassie swing river
Over the river

After swimming a bit more we began to get hungry. We packed up our beach chairs and headed down the road in the Millennium Falcon, our nickname for the warp-speeding Mustang. We picked up a pollo asa’o sandwich, chatted with a friend and then blasted off to find a little deserted beach in Añasco.

Car context
The Mill Falcon on a new planet

Cassie walk in jungle
Exploring paths unknown

Cassie jungleDeep in the jungle

All in all, I’d say it helped us perk up a bit to remember what a beautiful place and time we get to live.

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Friends, Fun and Contra Dancing

Posted by Cassie

Saturday was a fun day and night. Britton found out one of his long-time high school friends was going to be driving through Colorado from Texas and wanted to hang out. Shana asked me if I wanted to go Contra Dancing, which I had never even heard of before she told me about it, and so since Britton had company, I went with her. It was SO much fun. You get a little dizzy with all the twirling, spinning, swinging and so on, but it was awesome. I was sweating and laughing the whole time.

Contra is hard to describe. It is kind of like square dancing, except it is done in a long line and to what kind of sounds like Celtic music. It’s a little like those old Elizabethian movies where they move between each other and switch partners except people weren’t all that dressed up. There were way more women than men, so I think if Britton ever went with me, he’d be a hot commodity.

Cassie, Sunset and Chicken

Cassie, Sunset and Chicken

 Hangin’ w/ the Black Chicken before we left

Getting Ready to Join back in to the line going the other way

Some of the girls from work who went: Pam, Me, Kathy, Shana

All the Swinging to one side left my right hip sore

After Contra, Shana dropped me off at home but Britton and Sean weren’t there, so we (Shana and I) decided to go meet them at the bar. We hung out there and talked for a while-till about 2 in the morning, but then the time fell back because of Daylight Saving and it was only 1:30am when we got home. :-) It was a fun day.

Later that evening with Sean, Britton, Shana and me

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