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Trapped in an Aguacero

Posted by Cassie

This time of year we just always must expect rain. It doesn’t usually last very long, but it can come down in sheets. One Sunday we went to the farmer’s market and then the grocery store, but we got trapped in a downpour AKA an aguacero!

Cassie Farmers MarketFun chatting and checking out all the wares and goods of the Rincon farmer’s market

Grocery Store blocked up

The rain was coming down super hard and we humans tend to not like to get wet. So everyone got backed up in the store by the exit.

Cassie in an aguacero at the store

We managed to squeeze through the crowd huddled at the doorway and wait outside under the metal roofing and watched the rain.

Wet Cat

When we got home we found poor Kitty ready to come on inside! Life in the tropics can be a bit moist in the summertime! Over by the cabin we have an intermittent creek that is usually dry but when an aguacero comes down we have a full-fledged river and waterfall! Check this out!

These rains can be a challenge to navigate and it makes things like the Fiestas Patronales a little muddy. But it also makes everything SUPER green and lush. Because of all the rain we have to keep things mowed a lot more but I just love the finca this time of year because it is just so beautiful.

Cassie mowing
Those big clouds usually mean more afternoon rain!

We both get out and mow the upper meadow area about once a week! It’s hot, hard work and the ants are out en force but if we didn’t do it things start growing wild and vines overtake the fruit trees. I actually enjoy mowing now that things are a little more manageable and there aren’t as many stumps and huge rocks to break the mowers. And I love how it makes the farm look like a park.

Yard workBritton and the chickens doing a little yard work


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Snapshots of Life Right Now: September 2015

Posted by Cassie

Well, tomorrow is officially our 2 year anniversary of living in Puerto Rico (here’s life when we first arrived)! My how time flies! We still have so much to look forward to (or it could be seen as so much to do!) that time just sort of slips away from us. Perhaps it is the lack of snow and cold that makes everything sort of meld together, or maybe it is that we don’t have any real pressing urgency to be anywhere, but time has gone by so fast.

Turkey troop
Turkey troop in the sunlight

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so rather than attempt to write about our daily lives too much I thought I would just share many thousands of words in a few pictures. Thank goodness for pictures to capture a few of these fleeting moments.

Mowing the lawn
Summer rains and heat means things grow super fast -so we both get out and mow!

Bridge quebrada
Preparing the site for the bridge crossing over the quebrada

Troupial 1
Beautiful troupial in a tamarind tree

Britton bench
Britton, Kitty and the turkey poults 

Cow at steps
Friendly soft-eyed cow at Steps Beach

Strange yummy fruit finds at the Farmer’s Market – A porcupine looking pulasan

Plumeria trinitaria
Plumeria and trinitaria (plus sphinx moth caterpillars)

Ship passingWatching ships passing and clouds building

Steps beachJamming at Marks
Days of sun and beach and nights of jamming music

Cassie chicken cat
And lots of time outside with the animals: Me, Kitty and a chicken

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