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Punta Ostiones

Posted by Cassie

At Ostiones

We took a little drive down the coast of Mayaguez as we have been recently and found a little hidden jewel near Joyuda. I didn’t even know what it was called as we walked down the neatly raked trails that twisted and turned throughout the mangroves. We came upon a couple of younger guys hanging out on one of the rustic little benches and I asked him where we were. “Ostiones, o la playita,” they replied. And said that the trails went pretty far down and there were other many little benches to stop and enjoy the beauty.

Path thru grove
Down long trails

Beach area
Little sitting spots

Twisted mangrove roots

Cassie pose
Entrance to the sea

Cool sand creatures
Beach art as made by nature

Coconut palms
Awesome coconut tree grove through the middle part of the trail

I have always been a fan of the television show Survivor and this special spot reminded me a lot of where they would have secret conversations and find hidden immunity idols! Places like these are why I often feel that my life is playing out like a tropical movie or TV show.

Upside down edit
And lots of cool places to hang out

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