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Beach Breaks

Posted by Cassie

We are in the midst of moving over to the cabin!! (More on that soon!) Yay! But it has been a stressful period too. So we have been trying to take some time out to reset at the beach as well.

At the Marina in Rincón

At Steps Beach in Rincón

Britton at Steps before going snorkeling

Mermaid magic underwater

But it was out and about that we found a shark!

On the Steps at Steps Beach

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An Island Wedding

Posted by Cassie

We recently went to one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve ever been to of some wonderful friends. We are so happy for them! It was held right on the beach by the Marina in Rincón and the reception was directly adjacent at the posh restaurant, La Copa Llena.

Wedding Copa Llena
Awesome tropical decor

Beach wedding
Fun, friendly guests!

Tommy and Juni
The beautiful and happy bride and groom! We love you, Tommy and Juni!

Once you are married, you can’t help but think back to your own wedding whenever you go to a wonderful wedding like this. We also thought about our honeymoon to Puerto Rico that ultimately brought us full circle here.

Britton con pantalones
Take a long gander at this man in pants! First time he’s worn pants out in nearly 3 years! Wonders never cease! We can actually clean up from time to time! haha

The food was a delicious modern take on Puerto Rican cuisine

And we danced the night away!

Juni and Cassie
The gorgeous bride and me! Someone said we looked like sisters. What a compliment!

This was our first wedding we attended in Puerto Rico and it was fantastic! It’s pretty cool for them to have a “destination wedding” right where they live! Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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