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Preparing for Irma

Posted by Cassie

Cool clouds
Your normally scheduled daily beauty is about to be interrupted

We have an uninvited guest named Irma who is scheduled to arrive sometime tomorrow (Wednesday September 6, 2017). She is a Category 5 hurricane, the largest that Puerto Rico and the Atlantic has ever faced. We may see wind speeds of 175 mph along with torrential rains. It is such a weird thing to know that this horrendous monster is slowly progressing right toward us and yet it is so calm and beautiful all around us.

There’s an eerie calm before the storm

But because we all know something big is coming (just what is the question) there is an obvious nervousness, excitement and feeling of impending doom in the air. People are more polite. They are not running as many red lights as usual and they are also not as talkative.

Impacto de Irma
Get ready, get set, here she comes!

It is time to get ready. Get ready not only for the storm, but also for its aftermath which could potentially be very devastating to the infrastructure leaving us and millions others without water, electricity, phone or internet among other things. So what do you do? Here in Puerto Rico most people (including us) have water cisterns and a generator for reasons just like this.

Gas rush
Two days ago people filling up vehicles and cans of gas

Filling gas cans
It’s hard to do most anything nowadays without electricity so gasoline is a must

No water
Water means life! At Selectos in Aguada it is nearly all gone

We filled up at the gas station and then went to the grocery store for more bottled water, coffee, toilet paper, flashlights, candles and a few other things. However, the grocery store was clean out of most water.

No hay gasolina
No hay gasolina means there is no gas!

So we went back to the gas station where less than hour before I had seen a display of gallons of water. When we got there not only were the water gallons gone, but they also had run out of gas! We bought a few expensive bottles of designer water and then went to work on some of the more important things around our house like setting up the water cistern. We’ve had this tank now for some time, but haven’t needed to use it. Well, now is the time I suppose. This water won’t be for drinking (unless things get really dire), but rather to wash with and water the animals if they don’t get taken along with their coops like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. We are going to enclose them for the duration of the storm, but who knows if the coops or our shed will be able to withstand it.

Britton filled up the tank  and made an access spout for it

We also stopped at the bank to get some cash out because who knows how long that system could be down as well! While we were there, they were preparing the building by putting on the metal storm guards over the glass windows. Most people have Miami shutter windows, but any true glass windows should be covered.

Cash and cover
Banco Popular in Rincón

Huracan Kit
This meme is meant to be funny, but also accurate

Cabin today
Let’s hope that on Thursday our pretty cabin is still here!

Besides the terror of the storm itself, the inconvenience of the days, weeks or months we may be without basic services, Britton and I are also nervous for our recently built cabin! We have put a lot of our heart and soul into it and we are so scared that it could just be ripped right out of the earth like a tree. It is well-built and in a valley that has good air flow but gets no direct wind, not even a gust.  We’ve closed everything up and taken what we needed with us to the concrete cabana where it’s breezier, but huff and puff and you probably won’t blow it down. So, now it’s just a matter of waiting and trying not to freak out.

Wish us luck. It may be a while before we can post again, but I will do my best as soon as possible.

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Puerto Rico Update! – looong post by BK

Posted by Britton

We called Alwilda who is the current owner of the property in Puerto Rico. She said that her lawyer received some papers back from the government / title company (I am not entirely sure how it all works down there yet). Apparently this is the last paper that needs to be signed for the property to be registered/titled correctly. I sure hope so.

When we asked Cassie’s uncle about purchasing property in Puerto Rico he wasn’t entirely sure because he was licensed in particular states, his advice was to make sure you go thru the larger well known companies. I would have to say that after our first attempt at the purchase this was true. The bank has lawyers and they checked out all the property access requirements and survey/appraisal which is wonderful. They are the ones who found out that the title wasn’t setup properly.

We are getting closer to re-applying for the loan. Hopefully this time it will go thru; we asked for more time intitally (in January) and boy did we get it!

Satellite Image of PR

I was thinking about this summer / fall because I think that is when Hurricane season starts. I actually am kind of excited to experience one. People here are somewhat proud that we don’t have such disasters. But less than 10 miles away we had a pretty large tornado roll thru here, so even we aren’t ‘safe’.

Greeley/Windsor Tornado

There is also one other thing that I find really interesting and dangerous about PR.  The trench to the north of the island.  Well that AND the fault line. 


PR Trench

“The island of Puerto Rico lies immediately to the south of the fault zone and the trench. The trench is 800 kilometers (500 mi) long and has a maximum a depth of 8,605 meters (28,232 ft) at Milwaukee Deep, which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Which is also why I am ok with not being on the beach front.  If an earthquake hits apparently from what I’ve read the trench can have underwater avalanches that cause tsunamis.  Although here in the mainland we have the ‘economy’ which could be way worse than any tsunami.  Look at our trench!

US Trench

I dont know which is deeper?  I guess I will take the one that only crashes once every hundred years (PR Trench) not every 30 (stock market).

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