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Random Photo Update: Life in Toon Town

Posted by Cassie

Here are a few photos that don’t probably deserve a post on their own but are just a part of the slice of life living in Puerto Rico. Sometimes the scenes and places we end up just seem so surreal, like we are living in a dream or some sort of cartoon. Sometimes it’s very strange, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s just strikingly beautiful. But whatever it is, we’re living it up!

Palm Tree Cassie
The beach is always right around the corner

Ardilla Mongoose crop
I finally got a photo of the mongoose! The little egg bandit!

Turkey bridgeTurkeys need to cross bridges too! This particular guy is the hope for the future of our turkeys. The last surviving male.

We are harvesting more and more of our own fruit from the finca like this corazón, a fruit that looks like a heart

And these interesting bilimbes that are juicy and so sour but leave a cool buttery taste in your mouth

More plants
And we went out and got some more plants too!

I forgot to mention that Kitty is adapting well to the move over to the cabin too

Cassie Aquario
Out and about there is always something cool to see and do

Barrita Los cocos
Like this little Coconut Barrita

Hibiscus Flor
Or this amazing hibiscus flower right in the plaza that took my breath away

Britton and beer
Check out the view from this roadside liquor store

Mannequin house
And there is nothing like the bottom half of a naked mannequin to draw attention to your store! :-)

Britton congas
One of the conga players from the balneario came down and practiced with us in the jam space!

There’s never a shortage of spectacular sunsets here!

Marina Sunset

Sangria Cassie
And new spots to check out like Pal Monte

Cassie Ultimo Brinco stand
Which is just up the road from El Ultimo Brinco, Rincon’s little waterfall spot

Cassie wanted  Anthony Loops and Cassie
Or at the restaurant Cowboys which is like a little slice of Colorado in Rincón (with friend and musician, Anthony Lee). They even have rodeos here!

Cowboys Rubberneckers
And we got to see our friends play some country music – the Rubberneckers

Viking B
And if Puerto Rico is like Toon Town, we are now part of the loony fabric too! Here’s Viking man at the beach!

Cassie contemplating coco
Or the contemplation of a coconut in an abandoned house without a roof

Colorful downtown
And everything is so colorful!

Bienvenidos a rincon
Rincón even has the cartoon-like welcome signs!

Cassie rock
And did I mention the beach is around every corner?

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Easter Time in Puerto Rico

Posted by Cassie

Variety Eggs
A variety of egg colors from our chickens and turkeys: no need to dye them for Easter!

There is always something to celebrate in Puerto Rico with holidays large and small in addition to personal parties for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. All of Holy Week (Semana Santa) is a busy time that culminates in Viernes Santo (Good Friday), Sábado de Gloria (Saturday of Glory), and Pascua (Easter). Nearly everything closes down on Good Friday so do not even  attempt to do any grocery or other shopping. There are processions around the plazas of each city near the churches and then many people head to the beach to party.


As for us, we joined some friends (thanks guys!) for a nice party at their house complete with slip n slide and an egg hunt for all the children.

RainbowGorgeous rainbows are back

Easter time in the tropics is a wonderful moment as it signals that the shift has begun. The tourists have their final hurrah and then our little town of Rincón begins to get a little rainier and sleepier once again. While the excitement of having people in town is fun, I much prefer the slower pace of spring and summer.

Bright hibiscus
Flowers are blooming!

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Floral Photography

Posted by Cassie

I like walking around our yard taking pictures. When everything is in bloom as it is right now, it makes it all the more interesting and fun. Here are a few floral photography shots:

I love the color of these asters

Cosmo in the Sun

Flowers and blurry figures
I like the effect that close ups give to the background figures- chickens and Schnoodle

Hibiscus close up
We have hibiscus type flowers in Colorado too!

Rose of sharon side
We have a Rose of Sharon tree that is about 7 feet tall and blooming prolifically!

Wet Mum
This mum that we just recently bought reminds me of a “Tequila Sunrise”
Sad Dewy Rose

This rose picture brings up feelings of sadness, the dark shadows, the water droplets on its petals and the downward face

Wild Flowers
And this one of happiness -my favorite

Which one is your favorite?  You can also click on the photos to enlarge.

Hope you all have a lovely Labor Day Holiday!

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