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The Rincón Continentals and a Quick Update

Posted by Cassie

We’ve been pretty busy mostly with band stuff lately so there hasn’t been much to update on the property front though Britton has still worked steadily through it all and the chanfles (siding boards) are almost all fully installed. We are moving on to the next stage soon.

Rincon Continentals
Playing out at Pool Bar

It’s cool being swept up in the excitement of the tourist season and that includes our band.  We had a gig recently at Pool Bar in Puntas which was fun even though the bass amp caught on fire! Fire, fire in the bass amp! So there was a last minute scramble for something else which sort of threw us off a little. Overall though we did really well and are constantly improving and adding more songs to the repertoire. We have gone through so many different possible band names, but I think we are pretty solid now as the Rincón Continentals!

Rob Caitlin Mark Cassie
The after party! We didn’t get home until after 4am!! That’s the problem with being both the “stars” and the roadies haha

Besides the fun and excitement that we make (more to come soon as we foray into television….!) life in Rincón is still just mellow and slow. It’s drying out quite a bit and so we’ve had to water a few of our plants by hand. Humidity is much lower and I get a bit cold in the middle of the night (with the doors and windows open in February). I just love how the rural and modern mix in this little town. You are just as likely to see live music as live moooo-sic!

Cow bull
Friendly bull and barb wire fence

And I recentely saw cotton growing wild. I have never seen it growing before. It’s pretty cool stuff. Amazing that the majority of our clothing comes from this fluffy plant. I just had to pick a little of it. Now Britton calls me cotton-pickin’ Cassie. Perhaps my new band nickname. Hasta la próxima -C


Wild cotton growing

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Scenes from the Yard: December 2015

Posted by Cassie

We love this rural tropical life. Here are a few fun photos from this past week or so.

Rainstorms and rainbows falling into the sea

Kitty on the bridge
Kitty on the catwalk

Siding Cabin
Siding on the cabin is looking really good! (And who is that handsome turkey on the deck?)

Iguana in banana tree
Iguana in a red banana tree

Wild fern

Cassie and Cow
This loose cow has been just hanging out on the property

Laser Cat and Cow
Laser cow and cat stare-down

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Snapshots of Life Right Now: September 2015

Posted by Cassie

Well, tomorrow is officially our 2 year anniversary of living in Puerto Rico (here’s life when we first arrived)! My how time flies! We still have so much to look forward to (or it could be seen as so much to do!) that time just sort of slips away from us. Perhaps it is the lack of snow and cold that makes everything sort of meld together, or maybe it is that we don’t have any real pressing urgency to be anywhere, but time has gone by so fast.

Turkey troop
Turkey troop in the sunlight

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so rather than attempt to write about our daily lives too much I thought I would just share many thousands of words in a few pictures. Thank goodness for pictures to capture a few of these fleeting moments.

Mowing the lawn
Summer rains and heat means things grow super fast -so we both get out and mow!

Bridge quebrada
Preparing the site for the bridge crossing over the quebrada

Troupial 1
Beautiful troupial in a tamarind tree

Britton bench
Britton, Kitty and the turkey poults 

Cow at steps
Friendly soft-eyed cow at Steps Beach

Strange yummy fruit finds at the Farmer’s Market – A porcupine looking pulasan

Plumeria trinitaria
Plumeria and trinitaria (plus sphinx moth caterpillars)

Ship passingWatching ships passing and clouds building

Steps beachJamming at Marks
Days of sun and beach and nights of jamming music

Cassie chicken cat
And lots of time outside with the animals: Me, Kitty and a chicken

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