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Random Update: July 2017

Posted by Cassie

Once again it is time for the slices of life that don’t necessarily deserve a post of their own but have been fun and/or interesting.

We recently went to a beautiful celebration of life at a boutique resort in Añasco called Yukayeke. It was very touching.

Amazing sunset

Beach Memorial
Gathering of friends

Yukayeke pool Playing music at Yukayeke
And a pool party

Crab cage
It’s still crab (Juey) season here and a few people are out on the street offering them for sale

I love to stop and see the abandoned buildings and the fantastic graffiti art

Cassie mural


Even a flamingo!

We finally hung the closet pole and shelf!!

The cars on this island are almost as fun to watch as the people! So many questions…

One car
From this… a custom car that could never clear most of the potholes here

Two car
To this…a makeshift moving van?

Car balneario
To this…an abandoned and stripped out car. Why are there so many jugs of water?

Back at the farm, we’ve had quite the abundance of food and beauty!

Breadfruit – Pana in Spanish is also an expression here that means pal or friend

Peace Lily
Peace Lily is blooming

Our first limes from a tree we planted!

The cabin side of the property is filling in nicely with plants and the afternoon rains cause the quebrada to flow beneath the bridge

Ms Puerto Rico
The clothing selection in some stores is pretty fun -I had to try this one on: Ms Puerto Rico!

Broken Piraguas
Even the piragua cart breaks down sometimes!

Cassie and Britton
And the beach is always awaiting us


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Puerto Rico Update

Posted by Cassie

I called to price out what it would cost to ship our stuff (including a car) to Puerto Rico and this is what I received. I think for these prices we’ll just sell most everything and buy the stuff there. Another blog site written by a couple who already moved there, The Kruse Chronicles, told me that a car is about $2,000 more there than here because of shipping, but that sounds like a deal compared to paying almost $3,000 just to ship an old car! They also said they sent most of the their stuff via US mail and sold everything else on Craigslist and garage sales. We’ll see.

As a reminder, the price quote to ship your 1998 Honda Civic on Open carrier from Greeley, CO to Lares, PR is $2,570.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 1 888-345-0033, or email sales@Auto-Transport-Today.com.

 This is for all the other “stuff” (furniture, clothes, all my shoes :-o )

Transportation Charge 1,918 lbs.

Fuel Surcharge

Orig. Service Charge 1,918 lbs.

Dest. Service Charge 1,918 lbs.



Charge per Light/Bulky 160.42

Binding Estimate Fee 523.26

DOC FEE: Preparation of export



CCVL: Door to door service. 3,300.00

Total: $4,058.68

Plus all this fine print makes me wonder if that is truly the final price:

This estimate includes labor, loading, unloading, protective wrapping of
furniture and basic valuation. Carrier reserves the right, at shipper’s expense
and shippper’s agreement, to re-pack any item not correctly packed by
shipper. Packing material and labor may or may not be included and will be
charged per items ordered and listed on the packing materials price list. On
interstate moves an 18 wheeler may be used to deliver the property. If the
origin/destination does not have access for an 18 wheeler the shipper may be
required to pay for shuttle service. This estimate is rate based on the weight
estimated. The total amount of this binding estimate must be paid in full prior
to unloading. Additional charges will incur for services performed not
specified in the estimate. I understand that I may be notified of final charges
prior to delivery and while in transit. All charges are based on tariff rates.
The first date indicated as available for delivery is the first date of the delivery
window. Pickup and delivery dates are estimates and not guaranteed. Tariff
is available for viewing upon reasonable request. Shipper and/or agent has
full authority to order services and enter into this agreement.





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