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Garden Mystery: Solved (somewhat)

Posted by Cassie

I think we have solved the mystery plant puzzle. I believe it is a pumpkin/gourd. Here is a picture. What do you think? We have a few of them springing up everywhere in the greenhouse. It is growing so much that it is pushing the potted plants off the shelves.

Is it a gourd or a pumpkin?

In any case, the greenhouse is so full we cannot even walk in there anymore.

Greenhouse jungle

We also have a few things popping up in the garden.

Curvy Cucumber
A curvy cucumber


Garlic top
Garlic Top Bulb looking down at it

So, this is looking down at the garlic. If you don’t cut the garlic scape as we did earlier in the spring, apparently it creates this bulb on TOP of the plant that looks just like a miniature bulb except it has all these little seed like things coming from it.  It’s weird the things you learn in the garden.


And of course, what would a garden post be without a picture of some chickens! ;-)

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