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Time For a Little Sunshine

Posted by Cassie

Yellow Flowers

Britton has been enjoying his time off and resting after his major medical incident back in November. He has recovered nearly all of his memory and is functioning quite well with the treatments of the doctor. He has been sleeping through the whole night again and doesn’t seem nearly as anxious either. Life as a whole has gotten much better for him and us. He is scheduled to return to a modified work schedule near the beginning of February.

In the mean time, our good friends have been talking about picking up a property in Puerto Rico as well which would be awesome because we would love to hang out with them there. They love the tropics as we do and I think together we would have a blast. They had a few properties they wanted to check out, and like we did a few years back when we first unknowing found our house, are sending a scout, our friend Matt, to check them out. Britton thought it would be a good time to go on a trip since he is using up all of his time off for the year and it’s a rare opportunity to do something like this with his best friend.

anasco beach

So Britton and Matt will be in Puerto Rico for a little less than a week in the middle of January. They will be staying at our place in Rincon while together they look at properties and do a few  fix-up jobs and clean-up around the property.

Since it is just a short trip, I am going to stay home and vicariously enjoy the sunshine through Britton and Matt’s updates. It will be tough since we’re in the midst of the coldest part of the year, but just knowing that they are down there getting it ready for our final journey coming up will make it all the more sweet.


Rincon Sunset

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