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Day Trip to Patillas

Posted by Cassie

We took a day trip up to Patillas to visit our friends Richard and Mary Jane.

Pineapple fields
Pineapple fields on the drive

It was quite a drive from Rincón to Patillas, but so beautiful to watch the landscapes change. Once we go around the southwestern corner to the Caribbean side, the waters turn majestically turquoise blue, the plant life is much different and drier and it seems to be quite a bit windier than what we experience at our place.

Lake Patillas
Lake Patillas

We drove past large Lake Patillas and into his finca. It is very private and secluded up a long steep road.

Long private road

When we arrived the party was in full swing. People were eating fish soup and drinking beer in anticipation of the main event: lechón, but of course!

Cassie and Lechon
Roasting up the pig on a spit

Enjoying one of Puerto Rico’s pasttimes: dominoes!

We enjoyed our time and even saw our east coast friends Fran and Steve!

Group photo
Group photo: Steve, Parrot, Fran, BK, me, and our gracious hosts Mary Jane and Rick

But the biggest hit of all was when someone showed up to the party with parrots. Even Richard didn’t know who this person was, but it was pretty cool to see and hold his birds. One of them caused a kerfuffle when he would crawl onto our shoulders, get tangled in our hair and then scream into our ears. So funny.

Fun with a parrot
A hit with kids and adults alike! Green Amazon parrot

Paraiso with a parrot
As I took this photo a little girl told me in Spanish: “¡Es como un paraíso!” I couldn’t agree more

Close up parrot
Such cool creatures! Blue and gold macaw (like in Rio said another girl)

Cassie and parrot

It was a beautiful day. Richard said it had been raining hard every day prior so we really lucked out with a sunny warm afternoon party. We are so grateful for these magical moments in paradise.

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