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Snow Day Fun at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Posted by Cassie

Sunday was a very snowy day with about 8 inches of the cold white stuff falling. We had made plans with our friend Sean to go to Fort Collins to see the Museum of Discovery there. We weren’t sure if they would be open or not, but when we called and they said they were and Sean said he would drive in his 4×4 truck we said we were up for the adventure! And it was a bit of an adventure…

We actually got a flat tire on the way in! Thankfully we were all the way to Fort Collins and were stopped at a gas station because he noticed the tire pressure slowly draining away. So I went in the store and got a hot tea and Britton and Sean changed the tire out in the snow.

Then we arrived at the museum and had a lot of the fun. The main station we spent the most time at was the music one. It was fun playing with all their hands on exhibits and learning a little bit about different musical instruments and the science behind music.

Britton Bass
Britton and the upright bass

Cassie and Sean
Me and Sean at one of the music exhibits

They also had some nature science exhibits with an emphasis on the flora and fauna that is or was native to this area. Including this bison!

Buffalo Gal
Just feeding the (taxidermied) buffalo

Britton in the dome
Britton playing in the beaver house

It’s been a long time since we’ve gone to a museum but this one was fun and interactive. There were a lot of little kids around, but since we didn’t have any to watch ourselves, we got to act like them instead! :-)

Afterward we went to our favorite restaurant in Fort Collins and I had the most delicious Harvest Squash Ravioli and we topped the night off by splitting some tiramisu. The roads were icy as we drove home, but we made it back just fine even with the new tire.

Overall it was a great Sunday snow day adventure!


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