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Ombak Bikini Bash at Villa Playa María

Posted by Cassie

Sometimes you have moments that are just simply beautiful and inspiring. One such moment was a warm Sunday in January here in Rincón. We had heard about the Ombak Bikini Bash but didn’t know much about it. We had never been to Villa Playa María, but it is a gorgeous Villa right below Calypso on María Beach.

Villa Playa María during the pool party

This was a cool event complete with free drinks, a bikini fashion show, hair braiding, snacks, pool and beach access and even live music. It was a beautiful day to hang out with friends and enjoy life. Thank you to everyone who helped put this party on! We hope to come to the next one!

Enjoying the view

ariana-cassie anthony-and-us
Fun with friends Ariana and Anthony

Spent a good 3-4 hours hanging out, playing and floating around in the pool!

star-cassie pool-party

The swimwear fashion show was fun

Our friend Cait from Sunburnt and Salty even modeled for the show as well as held a yoga class!

A gorgeous sunset and evening

cassie-hammock britton-and-sam
Hanging out at a Villa by the beach in the midst of winter doesn’t sound like a bad day to me!

Los Bronson, a surf band, played live

Just chillin’

I even got to meet the creator of the Ombak swimwear line, Ana!

Just another beautiful day in paradise!

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