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Country Life (ca. 1896)

Posted by Britton

Greeley is an alright place.  You need to have the right mindset going into anything.  Tonight after work Cassie and I decided to saddle up the bikes and go for a ride into town.   There is a place downtown called Patrick’s.  Its a new bar that is in a 100yr old brick building.  They had a bluegrass band called “Reservoir Rd”.  I used to live by Reservoir Rd when I was growing up.

After that we went to the Relay for Life down at Island Grove Park.  That is where I think most people in Greeley were at the moment.


It was fun.  We rode our bikes for about a 5-7 mile round trip and got to see some people in our community.   Summer time is great.  The temperature was about perfect.  I realized that not much has changed in 100years.  This was most likely pretty close to what people were doing in 1896 when Greeley was founded.


There was one difference though.  I got a page on my cell phone from one of our Unix Admins.  Apparently one of the satilite  servers at work took a dump and we had to switch to a backup for SSH / HTTP.   I dont think that happened alot back then.

Here is a picture of me on my bike LOL:

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