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A 16 Degree Bike Ride : Updated

Posted by Britton

Well today I was given a challenge (not unlike most days).

Objective: Go to the bank.
Challenge:  It is 16F degrees.
Challenge: No driving.

I knew it was cold, but just wasn’t sure how cold it was until I started riding.  I put on all my snowboarding gear (gloves and helmet) and when I did this in the house, I thought…”Oh this is silly”.  When I got out on the bike, I thought “I am SO glad I put this stuff on”.


I figured it was only about 3 miles there.  I do that easily in the summer all the time, no problem.

Holy cow!  My lungs hurt so bad by the first 1/2 mile or so I thought I was going to die.  I figured this may have been because I was out of shape, but…no…It has to be the cold air.  I ride miles upon miles in the summer and don’t ever have that much trouble…ever.   I made it to my destination and back, but it was pretty intense.  At one point I had the thought that my lungs were totally screwed and “if I died at least I have my wallet so they would know who I am”.

Maybe I over-reacted a bit, but it hurt…lol.  I am back home now and feel pretty good to have gotten some exercise.   I also have a new respect for the ability to drive a car and how easy it makes everything.   Without a the use of a car in society you are truly hindered.  I can still get stuff done, it just takes about 100 times more effort!

Also I had the thought.  It will NEVER EVER EVER be this cold in Rincon.

Update:  I had some other errands to do this afternoon.  It was 40 degrees out and I figured I’d give it another shot.  I went 9.5 miles, no problems.  I’d say conclusively that my lungs did not like the cold..lol.

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