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Cosas de la Casa

Posted by Cassie

This month’s Spanish tip is about things related around, in and of the house.

Mi Casa es Su Casa: My house is your house (make yourself at home).

House: Casa
Mansion: Mansión
Home: Hogar
Bedroom: Cuarto, Recámara
Bathroom: Baño
Kitchen: Cocina
Living Room: Sala
Dining Room: Comedor
Room (in general): Salón
Porch: Patio
Garage: Garaje
Rent: Aquilar, Rentar
Mortgage: Hipoteca

Things in the house: Cosas en la casa
Furniture: Muebles
Table: Mesa
Lamp: Lámpara
Bed: Cama
Carpet: Alfombra (sometimes people say carpeta, but this really means “folder”)
Walls: Paredes
Roof: Techo
Sink: Fregadero
Refrigerator: Refrigeradora (sometimes shortened to “refri” like in English “fridge”)
Stove: Estufa
Oven: Horno

Welcome to my house! ¡Bienvenidos a mi casa!

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