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Basement Before and After Pics

Posted by Cassie

A little over a year ago we finished our basement. We had originally hoped that Kosei, our Japanese exchange student would have been able to stay down there, but the time schedule for construction is always underestimated. Britton and I have had various people stay with us since then in the basement bedroom, and since the last roommate just moved out, it made me think about all the work and money we put into it. It was definitely worth it, but it’s good to look back and remember.

Also, some people still haven’t seen it since it was finished (including Kosei, this one’s for you :-) !) We are planning on renting out this house when we move to Puerto Rico, but we are enjoying it while we are here. Also, maybe this will be motivation for Britton to finish the rental house basement *hint, hint*

At a concert with Kosei


Fireplace Area After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

Downstairs Bedroom and Closet Before

Bedroom After

Looking from the Vents Toward the Utility Room Before

Slightly Different angle, soffets cover vents, looking from wetbar

Wetbar area, this is the same view to the bathroom behind it covered with drywall (4th picture)

Living Area- Where we watch movies, PBS and Britton plays video games :-)

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