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Life and Death of a Colorado Banana Tree

Posted by Cassie

We’ve had our banana tree as an indoor house plant for about 5 years now. We were hoping for bananas when we first got it, but eventually became resigned to the idea that it would just be a fun novelty to watch the humongous leaves unfurl every now and then. Well, about two months ago the tree began to flower, so we were waiting in anticipation for bananas.

Banana tree and flower

Banana Tree w/ flower

Banana Flower
Close up of the early flower

The tree got really top heavy and actually fell over, so we had to tie it up to the curtain rod with a string just for it to stay up. In the mean time, 3 little baby banana trees started to pop up beneath it. A banana tree, and other tropical plants are kind of like the mythical creature the Hydra that grows back stronger when you cut it down. However, we weren’t ready to cut it down, until the other day when we were getting all set up for Thanksgiving and we started to move the banana tree. We forgot that it was attached to the curtain rod and so it got pulled and finally toppled over. We had to cut it down once and for all, but now we have three new ones to take its place, so it’s all good. Still no bananas though…we’ll probably have to wait till Puerto Rico for that.

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