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Case of the Missing Eggs -Solved!

Posted by Cassie

One morning, about a week ago, Britton woke me, “Surprise! We have 2 eggs from our girls!” However, the eggs were soft shelled he said, so we should wait and I could get them at lunch (and hopefully they would harden). Well, I went home at lunch and there was nothing there but a white egg with what looked like a little bit of yolk on it. Hmm…mystery. So I never did see the new brown eggs he spoke of.

Well, although I never did see any other eggs,  I just chocked it up inexperience on their part and figured they would lay again soon. (Possible explanations: Maybe they ate their own eggs or a squirrel got them?) In the mean time, our white chicken and white egg-layer, Omelette AKA Salt continued to lay in the nesting box we created for that purpose in their fancy chicken coop.

That is…until a few days ago. I kept asking Britton if he had seen any eggs from Omelette lately, but he said no. Well, she is very regular. So, tonight I said we needed to go on an egg hunt to see if there were any eggs hidden somewhere. I thought they might be behind the greenhouse. We had no luck until….Britton found this clutch of eggs under an unruly rose bush by our house.

Egg Clutch and chicken
If you enlarge the picture you MIGHT see the clutch

Close up of clutch
Close up

They were not as easy to get out of there as you think. Britton had to jump down into the window-well to reach them. While he was down there he found another egg as well!

Eggs and Tomatoes

Neatly arranged and with garden fresh tomatoes!

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