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BBQ and the Greeley Arts Picnic

Posted by Cassie

We’ve had a fun weekend so far. I am part of a women’s coaching group and thought it would be nice to have everyone come over to our house with their significant other. We made shish-kabobs and fruit salad. We also had some cheese and crackers. For more details on the food check it out here. Anyhow, we had a great time. Everyone loved playing with the chickens, checking out the jungle greenhouse, touring the house, listening to music and sitting in the backyard “terrarium” where we had a nice cool cloud cover.

Enjoying a nice BBQ outside

Some of the shish-kabob components

With my lovely girlfriends!

Then this morning Britton and I took a bike ride down to the GreeleyArts Picnic where we checked out the various wares for sale and met up with a friend who had forgotten something at our house during the party. So we brought it to her. I wish every day was filled with such great people and fun times!

At the Greeley Arts Picnic

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