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Floral Photography

Posted by Cassie

I like walking around our yard taking pictures. When everything is in bloom as it is right now, it makes it all the more interesting and fun. Here are a few floral photography shots:

I love the color of these asters

Cosmo in the Sun

Flowers and blurry figures
I like the effect that close ups give to the background figures- chickens and Schnoodle

Hibiscus close up
We have hibiscus type flowers in Colorado too!

Rose of sharon side
We have a Rose of Sharon tree that is about 7 feet tall and blooming prolifically!

Wet Mum
This mum that we just recently bought reminds me of a “Tequila Sunrise”
Sad Dewy Rose

This rose picture brings up feelings of sadness, the dark shadows, the water droplets on its petals and the downward face

Wild Flowers
And this one of happiness -my favorite

Which one is your favorite?  You can also click on the photos to enlarge.

Hope you all have a lovely Labor Day Holiday!

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