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Chickens and Eggs Article Printed

Posted by Cassie

Another of the blogs I wrote for the Greeley Tribune was printed today. I am an official blogger for the Healthy Habits blog on their website, and occassionally, they will publish a blog into hard copy. It is fun to see your work in print. This particular one is based on our experience with our chickens, that I have written about here as well. The only downside to getting printed is when the editing is done by someone else. They took out probably the most important paragraph:

“<p>Overall, chickens are a fun addition to any sustainable-living adventure, and I would recommend them whole-heartedly. These eggs have health-benefits that go above regular eggs as well. Not only are you lowering the number of confined animals (sometimes over 30,000 chickens in one hangar never see the light of day or step on the ground), but eggs from chickens that are allowed to roam freely in the yard have a higher omega 3 ratio than those who are fed only grains. They also usually have larger and more brightly-colored yolks which indicate high-vitamin levels. And contrary to popular belief they do not increase blood cholesterol levels in a healthy diet.

I wish they would have put this picture in to illustrate it as well. Store-bought egg left, Home-grown egg, right

I have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that we have so many confined-animal feeding operations (CAFOs) all over our county…hmmm

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