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An Art Show and Beach House Party

Posted by Cassie

Lately we have been making great strides at the cabin. The siding is finished, electrical is 3/4 installed and the covered awning has begun. It’s looking really good.

Colorful cabin
Cabin progress

We have also been going out and having a lot of fun at various events and functions. The other day we went to Casa Hines to see one of our artist friend’s art shows. Rincón has an awesome community of artists here. Rincón has been called little Hollywood by some, but it is also sort of a Bohemian village of artistic talent as well.

Cassie Bruce painting
Me and Bruce Burt with one of his beautiful nature-inspired paintings

Casa Hines
Sunset at Casa Hines

Cassie Jill
With the wonderful Rincón artist Jillo

Luis Britton Roberto
And owners of the fantastic hidden jewel Villa Orleans -Luis and Roberto. Roberto’s nature-surrealistic art is now on display at Galeria Exodo

We also recently went to a beach house birthday party where our band, the Rincón Continentals were asked to play a set.

House party
A birthday party at a beach house (photo thanks to Squid)

Rincon Continentals Party
Band playing under the palm trees (thanks Daisy for this great capture)

Caitlin Cassie Isabella
Fun under bright lights -Caitlin, me and Isabella

Life is so fun. So much like a dream. One minute we are hob-nobbing in swanky locales with friends and local celebrities and playing music under palms trees and the next we are hunting down rats, nailing up boards, rescuing baby chicks, picking fruit and cleaning off turkey poop. And we enjoy it all. I love that I just never know exactly where the next adventure will take us.

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