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Random Life Updates

Posted by Cassie

Life is busy as ever. We have a few random things we’ve had going on in our life and around the house. The chicks are getting big fast. It’s amazing how quickly they start replacing the fuzz and start getting feathers. First the baby feathers come in at the wings (1-2 days old), then the little tail feathers start shooting out (day 3-4) and now (almost one week) the wing feathers are fully in and they are developing back feathers. We can also start to see their little necks and they are testing out those wings by flapping them around.

I think they are going to be out-growing the beer box that has been the de facto chick house soon. We are also starting to learn their little personalities. For instance, the Rhode Island Red is very loveable and just wants to be held all the time. The New Hampshire one tolerates being held, but peeps so loudly that it sounds like a whistle and the Ameraraucana is full of energy and  runs and flaps whenever we try to pick her up now.

Won’t be able to do this much longer!

Also, work has been going pretty good or the usual for both Britton and me. But we are also ready to be able to live in Puerto Rico -or wherever we want to live- without the traditional “office job”. One of the ways we hope to do that is by renting out our house and another house we are buying, but we realized that might not be enough. So, we have put an offer in on another rental property. It looks like it will probably go through which means more work for us this summer. Britton is nearly finished framing the rest of the basement in Evans so…another big project right around the corner! Fun, fun!

We also got a new roommate for the basement bedroom. He’s an nice older gentleman and seems to mainly work and keep to himself. He is from Minnesota but came to Greeley to buy the Culver’s in south Greeley.  We’ve had quite an array of people live with us now: a Japanese student, a German student, a volunteer fire fighter and Aims student, a city of Greeley municipal attorney and now a Culver’s Franchisee. Like I said, life is fun.

Oh, and I found a cool website that I just ran into while searching for info about chickens online. It’s about a couple who move to Hawaii to start an organic, free range egg and tea farm. Now that lifestyle is right up my alley.

Orchids in bloom on our kitchen table

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